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For a .5 million budget, Liman hired Sarah Polley, a former child actress whose credits included the Road to Avonlea series; Dawson's Creek star Katie Holmes; and Scott Wolf from Party of Five .The ensemble also included Taye Diggs and Jay Mohr, all of whom are involved in one way or another in a drug deal gone awry. Liman had a high-profile corporate clientele, and during his son's college years served as chief counsel to the U. Senate committee investigating the Iran-Contra affair. When Liman was six years old, one of his father's clients, audiovisual equipment maker Bell and Howell, gave the senior Liman a Super-8 camera as a Christmas gift, which he then promptly passed on to his son.Liman was thrilled by the camera, and began making short films."The movie is rather too frolicsome about drug use," noted Corliss in Time , "but it carries an internal message: If you're on dope, you won't be able to follow the plot." Go earned Liman overwhelming critical acclaim. Sunday Telegraph (London, England), September 8, 2002. Corliss went on to deem it a picture "with a heart so understanding that it lets nobody die." Entertainment Weekly 's Gleiberman called it "the one truly thrilling movie I've seen so far this year…. Liman knows where the human comedy in Favreau's engaging script is: at the edges of the film frame, in the taut corners of a sensitive loser's mouth, in an unheard ' I love you' (the film's subtle climactic shocker) on the other end of a phone line." Despite his new status in Hollywood, Liman did not make another film for three years.

Adapted from Robert Ludlum's 1980 best-seller, the movie took months to make and had Liman battling with studio executives over various production-related issues as well as script changes for the final third. The 1994 movie was never released, and Liman put it behind him and began work on his next project.Written by a struggling Hollywood actor named Jon Favreau, the movie's script focused on four young entertainment-industry hopefuls in Los Angeles and was shot for just 0,000.The story is told in three separate vignettes, from the points of view of three different characters, and begins with Polley's Ronna agreeing to help a couple of soap-opera actors (Wolf and Mohr) score some Ecstasy. Subplots revolve around Holmes' character, Claire, who is held as collateral in the dealer's apartment, a stolen credit card, a side jaunt to Las Vegas, the shooting of a strip-club bouncer, and a sinister cop who seems to have designs on the actors.

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