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Ed Ashment’s comments [at the Sunstone Symposium] about the Joseph Smith papyri were very significant, true, albeit revolutionary.

Hugh Nibley responded by saying that 4/5 of what he himself has written is wrong.

Dick Beeson and I talked about how coercive education is instead of being motivational. Hugh Nibley, in a faculty conference supposedly said: “Why talk about students’ cheating. Meanwhile, all week Brother Nibley poured this knowledge into our thirsty brains – Egyptian temples, LDS temples, writing, past history, etc. Received a return memo from President Oaks, thanking me for sending him the encouraging memo of last week. Oaks’ memo I remembered that even men in high places have need for encouragement and praise. Meanwhile, the Book of Breathings will be treated comprehensively in Nibley’s new book, My ears were able to hear the wisdom of Hugh Nibley as he berated the world and extolled eternal perspective in an Academics Awareness lecture. At times the discussion, which lasted nearly an hour, got heated.

My enthusiasm caught Lyn on fire also, so she, too, wants to learn. Roger Merrill helped me to better understand the power of the priesthood – in the wake of George Pace’s feelings about the imminent coming of Christ within 26 years. Hugh Nibley was called and indicated that he was awaiting a further manuscript. John Taylor, Curtis Wright and I chanced to meet in the bookstore and began talking about Hugh Nibley, the church, and the gospel.

Talked about the evils of law, business and politics. Several students came up to me afterwards to thank me for my testimony.

I finally feel that as a teacher I have come to a turning point. I also had a great experience at noon when I gave a book review of Hugh Nibley’s new book.

Humility at its best is when we are in the presence of children – those closest to the image of our creator. My class reached 63 students today, and felt so spiritually overwhelmed and satisfied with how well the class went that I felt I could apply to the department of religion for full-time teaching.

Man is not able to govern himself but should seek to know the will of God through revelation. I bore today one of the strongest testimonies ever because I felt inspired to do so.

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Mary, Curtis Wright and I attempted to interview him while he opened his fan mail from the general authorities.

I related how my teaching had improved since last April, and how, while doing the temple endowment for Papah I was inspired to believe that since I had now taken him the gospel through temple work, he would help me in my teaching through his spirit!

Worked on stewardship interview questions, task force report for Public Services Committee, and sent copies of the knowledge chain to some of the geniuses on campus: Danielewski, Arthur Henry King, Hugh Nibley, John L.

Sorenson, Jae Ballif, Thomas Rogers, Charles Metten. John Thomas (our non-member friend across the street) and I went visiting with Bishop Ludwig, doing works of service.

Somehow we got separated in the snow, and later me from John.

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