Error updating component kb i386

Status: Entry Reference: BUGTRAQ:19971010 Security flaw in (wwwcount) Reference: CERT: CA-97.24.Count_cgi Reference: XF:http-cgi-count Reference: BID:128 Reference: URL: Description: Local user gains root privileges via buffer overflow in rdist, via expstr() function.All references and descriptions in this candidate have been removed to prevent accidental usage.

error updating component kb i386-36error updating component kb i386-63

Status: Entry Reference: CERT: CA-98.06Reference: SUN:00170 Reference: URL:

l=bugtraq&m=95842482413076&w=2 Also see BUGTRAQ:19990320 Eudora Attachment Buffer Overflow

l=bugtraq&m=92195396912110&w=2 Christey Description: Arbitrary command execution via IMAP buffer overflow in authenticate command.

They are provided for use by individuals who have a need for an early numbering scheme for items that have not been fully reviewed by the Editorial Board.

Description: ip_input.c in BSD-derived TCP/IP implementations allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (crash or hang) via crafted packets.

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