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Opening up the Calculator UIMap.uitest file displays the Coded UI Test Editor window, shown in Figure 3. That way, there isn't any code referring to it that will need to be manually edited (something the rename action warns about).

The right side has each of the controls automated via either mouse or keyboard. Tip: Rename the items in the UI Control Map sooner rather than later, to avoid having to deal with references to the old names in code outside of the *.file.

This article delves into what it takes to effectively create UI automation tests that verify whether a Windows application is performing as expected.

The benefit is the same as unit tests -- an unattended execution of tests that verify the behavior, resulting in increased software quality and a reduction in the overall software development cost.

You didn't make any verifications of the app behavior in the original recording. A Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application, for example, will derive from the Microsoft. As shown in Listing 1, the UIObject name in the Coded UI Test Editor corresponds to the name of a property on the UIItem Class, a property with no setter and a lazy initialization pattern that searches for the control the first time the property's getter is called.

As long as the application automation executes successfully, the test passes -- even if, for example, the values displayed are incorrect. Editing via the UI Control Map To begin understanding how UI automation works, it's necessary to first understand the UI map. Fortunately, you can rename both the classes and the UIObject from the Coded UI Test Editor, something you'll want to do sooner rather than later.

unit test framework, used most notably by Turbo Gears and Pylons; provides an alternate test discovery and running process for unittest, one that is intended to mimic the behavior of as much as is reasonably possible without resorting to too much magic. Includes a command-line program that does test discovery and integrates with doctest and coverage.

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Hides initialization from doctests by allowing set Up and tear Down for each interactive example.Resources are constructed and free on demand, but with an optional Test Suite?, the test run order is optimised to reduce the number of resource constructions and releases needed. Powerful test runner that includes support for post-mortem debugging of test failures. This is a standalone package that has no dependencies on Zope and works just fine with projects that don't use Zope.The first is a *file intended for the developer to edit and maintain.The second is the designer file (*.designer.cs), which the Coded UI Test Builder will modify each time you regenerate the code.

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