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They indeed, are true experts of the bible.i'm dying laughing, jw organization is as corrupt as they come.......their members are in fear of being dis-fellowshipped, so they submit to all kinds of abuse, and predictions that must go door to door to stay ''active'', or they loose their priviliges and are condemned to loose their everlasting life by the leadership........and all other religions belong to the devil and their members will die at armageddon..........yet non of their predictions come true............... JW's deny the Trinity of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.Well according to the JW, only 144,000 people are gonna make it to the new heaven.If you've had a blood transfusion, count yourself out. another brain washing segment of "Christianity".micxter,how many people can go talk to strangers about god?They certainly don't do what they do, for the money .I don't doubt that they have some structured procedures for what they do .

I would say that the Christian faith does NOT denounce the message of the Jehovah witnesses, but some people who happen to be Christians may Judge the Jehovah's wrongly.

They Jehovah Witnesses believe in the literal interepretation of the bible, and they take the 10 commandments literally, most will not even hunt , because of the "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" commandment.

What I find interesting is the fact that they get so much positive inspiration from the bible, so much so ,that it becomes a way of life, yet some other people only find negative messages in the bible.

All I can do ,is form an opinion based on the ones that kept showing up on my door.

These in particular did not seem judgemental at all, and really, love them or hate them , how many people could actually pick up a bible and go around to stangers houses ,and talk about God?

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