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If, for whatever reason, we will not be lovers, I'd certainly hope we could be friends. Or with whom I could tell I had no attraction to on any level.While I don't have ESP, I'm not just going to go out with just anyone, like close my eyes and say "ok" at random, just to go out? *shakes head* No, there are some who haven't outgrown that.

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I guess I never thought of dating as option like that. I know when I was younger I had some friends who viewed dating as a recreational activity..didnt have to like the other person to go out with them.would go just to have a date.

I have to at least think there might be a little mutual attraction before I agree to meet anyone.

I also won't continue to see someone if I feel it won't work in the long run.

I would have thought by now we have outgrown that mindset.

So since you are now 45 plus..you consider going out on a date with someone you know ahead of time that you wont work with in the long run with?

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