Fatwah mandating the bloodshed of israelis everywhere

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By Allah, had I been able to carry out a martyrdom (suicide) operation against them, I would not have hesitated for a moment." He added wistfully that if Allah had permitted 1,000 "martyrdom seekers" to attack Jewish "strongholds and interests everywhere," Muslims "would have defeated them and rendered them submissive and humiliated." In May 2003, al-Fahd issued a fatwa approving the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by Muslims against the United States and Great Britain. Obtaining mass-destruction weapons is a longstanding goal of al-Qaida.

Jamal al-Fadl, who defected from al-Qaida in 1996 and became a source for the CIA and the FBI, said the terror group tried to obtain uranium in the 1990s while based in Sudan.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports that militant Naser bin Hamad al-Fahd's ruling referred to Jews as the greatest enemies of Islam in the modern age.

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Zawahiri published a 2008 fatwa justifying WMD use.

Al-Qaida's Inspire magazine has offered tips for American Muslims on the use of WMD to "wreak havoc on the enemies of Allah." For "those mujahid brothers with degrees in microbiology or chemistry lays the greatest opportunity and responsibility.

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