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Instead you will define your muscles, and having lost the fat from your body they will appear sculpted so well, that you will have that athletic, ripped look.If I must go with one muscle group that will be more noticeable in terms of getting bigger and tighter, I will have to say chest.

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As almost all of the Insanity exercises are compound in nature, you will first see the results in the form of tightening of the muscles all over your body. The abdomen will look flat, the biceps and shoulders already shaped.

But it will pay off, as the Insanity workout can lower your body fat to as much as 7% or so.

Professional athletes are somewhere around 8%, so you do the math.

The thing is that the Insanity workout will work as it claims only if you follow the diet plan explained bellow in this insanity workout review, or at least make your own choice of healthy foods and redefined eating schedule.

You will have to follow the exercises day by day and give your best while at it.

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