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He has lost about 0.5 mph per year over the past few years, so this year's 0.7 mph drop is not an anomaly so much as a continued trend. Hamilton, Trout, Braun, Puig, Ellsbury)...looking to move one or two of them.

This does bring up the point that player's are not have the same functionality every day, and that performing at something less than 100% is part of a ballplayer's reality. Generally speaking, is receiving a top flight SP enough in a straight up deal here or should I target elite positional players instead?

Wouldn't bet on it, of course, but I'm a believer in Meyer. His fastball always looked 'light' to me--even at 100.

articleid=23949 The off-season surgery could be negatively impacting his torque, and therefore velocity, but the velo concerns about Verlander have been largely overblown. (Matthew Kory)In an ESPN Standard 10-team 12 Keeper league, I have Springer and Taveras in a loaded outfield (B.

Without knowing the extent of the injury, how plausible does that explanation sound?

What sorts of effects might you expect a core/groin issue to have on a pitcher's velocity, command, mechanics, etc.? His command was the biggest problem (also some velo issues) during that lull so it doesn't surprise me to see him suggest it was a problem. (Paul Sporer)We alway hear that certain lefty pitchers throw a great curve but the same kind of reverance isn't given out to righty's.

I don't know that he'd get 0 million, but he very well might. Generally speaking I think we over-rate young players.

Teams need pitching badly, and Verlander, though he hasn't Verlanded as much this season, was still widely seen as one of the best starters in baseball as recently as three months ago. There's so much volatility (a word I consistently misspell) that getting established stars (to the extent such a thing exists) has great value. (Matthew Kory)We definitely agree that it's a local minimum in terms of his value.

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