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You are not faithful to one wife And you are talking about changing a nation I just don't understand this foolishness Because of fame and popularity you closed your eyes to holiness Did you sell your soul to the devil ? Your Facebook live broadcasts became a hunting ground And Skype a secret place You asked me to be your mistress What Have You Done ?

You abused my confidence And exhausted me with your stark questions I have had to remind you your status as a married man This didn’t happen once What Have You Done ?

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Exodus 7 :10-11In our quest for results, fame and achievements we don't lose our fear of God Pagans are also famous and show results No lie must live forever The truth must prevail#IStand For The Truth For the sake of The Almighty God, The Truth And Sunday ADELAJA’s victims This could save Sunday ADELAJA ! story_fbid=10216058688602003&id=1292950174&refid=17&_ft_=top_level_post_id.10216058688602003:tl_objid.10216058688602003:throwback_story_fbid.10216058688602003:thid.129295016061129499414:2:25157942820387740633626&__tn__=*s-RThe Randy Man of God made Reference to Apostle Suleman's scandal with Stephanie Otobo saying No body will believe her, No matter how hard she tried (Ms. WATCH THE LEAKED SEX TAPE /VIDEO CALL HERE [MUST WATCH] © Joels Blog Media https://ng/joelsblog-exclusive-nigerian-pastor-sunday-adelaja-exposed-for-sleeping-with-women-in-his-church/Damn too long. The devil tempts him the same way he does to other fellows.

Then Pharaoh also called the wise men and the sorcerers: now the magicians of Egypt, they also did in like manner with their enchantments. Don't ever imagine in your minds that they are superhumans and perfect.

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It's unfortunate that some of these pastors give in to seducing spirits. WATCH THE LEAKED SEX TAPE /VIDEO CALL HERE [MUST WATCH]https://ng/joelsblog-exclusive-nigerian-pastor-sunday-adelaja-exposed-for-sleeping-with-women-in-his-church/Lol Lalasticlala is not interested in petty accusations of pastors. Maybe change the title of the topic to : SNAKE IN THE MIDST OF THE BRETHREN. He is human first, titles is just what it is TITLES, that said no one in this world is above temptation, fleeing from it is what makes you an overcomer, now the issue i have with this revelation is this woman, she said he asked for sex, i guess she said no, from the conversation she had with him, the sexual exploit he had with those women was years ago, why reveal this now?

But we must try to help them to remain in the family of Christ through prayers and supplication with thanksgiving.divinehand2003: Damn too long. The devil tempts him the same way he does to other fellows.

Carine)© Joels Blog Media https://ng/joelsblog-exclusive-nigerian-pastor-sunday-adelaja-exposed-for-sleeping-with-women-in-his-church/See Chats The Lady Had with Pastor Sunday Adelaja on Skype WATCH THE LEAKED SEX TAPE /VIDEO CALL HERE© Joels Blog Media https://ng/joelsblog-exclusive-nigerian-pastor-sunday-adelaja-exposed-for-sleeping-with-women-in-his-church/See Chat the Lady Had with Joels Blog WATCH THE LEAKED SEX TAPE /VIDEO CALL HEREhttps://ng/joelsblog-exclusive-nigerian-pastor-sunday-adelaja-exposed-for-sleeping-with-women-in-his-church/As bad as it is! It's unfortunate that some of these pastors give in to seducing spirits. Don't ever imagine in your minds that they are superhumans and perfect.

You forced me to send them to you in private I publicly ask you to give them back to me ! Daughters of God are not objects Didn’t you find another place to empty your tank ? You have killed many with your perversion You have robbed dreams You have derailed a lot All for selfish reasons !

You asked them for your perception While you don’t see that your actions lead to destruction I refuse to be any part of that charade Those pictures were intended to a noble goal I don’t allow you to use them for any form of perversion Sunday ADELAJA, how could you have such a big rock in your eyes And point at the dust in other people’s eyes ? Where are numerous pictures and videos you asked from the countless women you poached during your evil activities ?

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