Be clear about the terms of the fuck buddy relationship.Most single guys want a fuck buddy or a friend with benefits.They may be called upon for “booty calls,” “Netflix and chill,” and the likes.While sex occurs, the core of a relationship with a fuck buddy is still only a friendship.She is not afraid to tell you what she is thinking and she does not avoid emotional issues.After you have had sex, she wants to stay with you and still seems like she wants to be close to you and touch you.

She is always on your side when you have issues with other friends or family.

Here are some signs that will help you tell the difference.

Here are some of the most obvious differences between having a fuck buddy and being in a serious relationship.

She does not hesitate to flirt with other guys, even if you are standing right next to her. GO ahead, flirt with women all you want in front of her.

The main thing you do together is drink and get drunk before banging. She is fine with you leaving after you have sex or she is the one to leave.

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