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Doing so will overwrite your previous session, giving you nothing to recover.If you’re a taboholic like me, this will help you recover what you’ve lost, and it should work for most incidentals!Furthermore, the solution offered here 1) presumes that your typical use case includes having more than one browser window open with multiple tabs each and 2) is intended to recover your last session after you have inadvertently clobbered it, either by opening only one (1) window from your previous session–and then promptly closing it–or by closing so many tabs that Chrome’s new tab session selection no longer shows your previous windows.I should also mention that this solution may or may not work for those of you who do not have Chrome configured to reopen your last session.Worse, extensions like Fresh Start don’t always recover your previous browsing state–in fact, I’ve had very poor luck with Fresh Start displaying empty sessions or not remembering all of my open windows! Before you think “Crap, I just lost 200 tabs” and close Chrome again, don’t. If you’ve already closed Chrome, be absolutely certain that you copy these files before you restart the browser.Do copy Chrome’s user data ( (Windows), ~/.config/chromium/Default (Chromium, Linux), ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/ (Chrome, Linux–thanks to Joe in the comments)) to a safe location before closing Chrome a second time. Upon restart, Chrome will wipe any and all chances you have to recover from this accident.I still use Firefox regularly, but my tab addiction doesn’t seem to play nicely anymore with any browser I use.Unfortunately, there’s one glaring shortcoming with Chrome’s UI that drives me nuts: If you have dozens of tabs spread out across two or three Windows, you can recover your last session from Chrome’s default empty tab UI if and only if you haven’t recently closed enough new tabs that would otherwise overwrite your session history.

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Fedora Project does distribute a number of custom variations called Fedora spins.

With regards to usability and appearance, the desktop has some similarities with GNOME Shell and Mac OS.

Some Elementary OS more interesting features include: The fact that it is stripped down version of Ubuntu and thus does not come bloated with unnecessary software.

People have different tastes which vary from UI experience to the feature set provided by a Linux distribution.

As an example, a newbie will have a different preference from an advanced Linux administrator who has worked with a distribution like Gentoo and is obsessed with Linux CLI administration.

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