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The first inhabitants moved up here in the 13th century after the devastating Mongol attacks.The Castle District’s Golden Age started when the Royal Court moved here. A very good spot to start your walk in Buda Castle.You can choose from several tasting options based on wine producing regions.The cellar also offers tasting of pálinka, a traditional Hungarian fruit spirit – there’s a choice of 30 types of pálinka.

The Turks invaded the Castle Hill in 1541 and ruled it until 1686 when the Austrian Habsburgs and their allied armies took back the hill. From here it takes only a few minutes to get to busy Széll Kálmán tér.

You can see the imposing Budapest Parliament from an unusual angle. Beautiful grilles decorate the windows and the door of a staircase in the gateway.

You’ll find some charming houses around Vienna Gate too (No.-s 5-7). In the first half of the 20th century Baron Lajos Hatvany lived here, a patron of arts.

Since this was the only Christian church, both Catholics and Protestants used it.

In the end, the Turks converted it into a mosque as well.

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