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“Call Me When You Get To Heaven” is a Bolero inspired track that builds intensity with its female choir, crescendo building arrangements, and eight minute length.As on his solo releases Malo allows for a bit of schmaltz but it is done sparingly and with humor.Working with his old mates brings out the best in Raul and his musical instincts.

The "most interesting band in the world" has captured the infectious energy and robust sound from their LIVE shows on their first release on The Valory Music Co., Whether it’s the Buck Owens-influenced “Dance In The Moonlight,” the panoramic Orbison-esque “Born To Be Blue,” the horn-punctuated retro noir “Back In Your Arms Again” or Tejano-esque “All Over Again,” the Mavericks have once again found the way to make soul music and sole music.That’s the kind of machismo you’re going to get as you venture into the latest offering from The Mavericks.In Time sizzles with passion, percolates with Latin rhythms, pops with rock and roll energy, and just enough schmaltzy balladry to be fun.For Malo, the lead singer with the rich supple voice that’s second to only Roy Orbison in its ability to convey lonesome, desire and vivre; drummer Paul Deakin and multi-instrumentalist Robert Reynolds; as well as longtime collaborator keyboardist Jerry Dale Mc Fadden and seasoned guitarist Eddie Perez, life has made them richer in terms of experience, playing acumen and a sense of their own musicality.It has also deepened the connection between them in a way that heightens the singular chemistry that made the Grammy-winning band one of the most exciting live propositions in any musical genre.

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