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The purpose of the Gypsy Tours was to provide a good time for the riders, and favorable publicity for their sport.

An article in the June, 1922 of the Harley-Davidson Enthusiast detailed these goals as follows : First— To promote good fellowship among the riders of all makes of motorcycles and to give them a pleasure tour worth talking about until the time for the next annual tour rolls around.

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For the most recent, current version of this webpage, please visit: (The Gypsies) During parades and rides of the pre-World War 1 period , this flag (17"x8" with a 2' pole) was mounted on the handlebars of early Harleys and Indians.

The great honor, of course, is to make a perfect score (1000 points).

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The same photo, cropped, is seen below in a July 12, 1917 issue of the Motorcycle and Bicycle Illustrated magazine.

Second— To give the general public a convincing demonstration of the practical transportation and pleasure possibilities of the motorcycle.

The more tours there are and the more riders there are in each tour, the more effective the demonstration will be.

What is most needed in a run of this sort is a cool head and plenty of nerve.

It was the reckless riders who came to grief—the men who, instead of taking the affair calmly, rushed madly along the course, hoping to gain time for repairs between one control and another, if any were needed." Riders who arrived ahead of time at a control had committed as much of an offense as finishing behind time and were penalized accordingly.

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