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For those of you who haven't forgotten me or are just here because of the Lindsay Lohan photos or who googled "Laguna Beach," my favorite Laguna Beach whore, Adam, sent an update on what's been going on with that show...which..I've been too busy/disillusioned to post on my blog, you can bet I haven't really been watching all season..nevertheless, I give you LB gossip - for the kids....ourtney and I had dinner with one of the "writers" of MTV's Laguna Beach last night.

Keeping in touch in the wired world is as essential to success as being in tune with the times.Nonetheless, I have followed the seemingly unstoppable writings on Piltdown, at least since one of my two mentors at Stanford in the 1950s, A. F., 2004, The Great Betrayal: Fraud in Science: Harcourt, p. [GRC Reddy, the current director (March 2008) of NIT Calicut (NITC, formerly REC-Calicut) is accused of plagiarsim in his valedictory address at the 2007 Kerala Science Congress.Myra Keen, wrote a short essay in Natural History magazine in 19773. The anonymous blog lays it thick and fast, and Reddy can't possibly outmanouvre this] article in the March 10, 2008 issue of Current Science (India) on plagiarism by one of its long-time editors, K. Cuff both of them and take them down to the station where MTV has to bail them out.So in one night Alex M found out that her boyfriend is a cheater and gets arrested.

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