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After a few weeks of lessons, Brian told Shannon how Jesus had changed his life.

She listened politely but said she could never live like he did.

i think its like a sweet gesture, i mean it doesnt always have to be sexual.

He forever changed the Christian dating scene, particularly in the homeschool demographic. In this TEDx Talk, Harris transparently explains where he went wrong and how his book was used to hurt others.

It's the natural follow-up to the author's blockbuster book on teen dating! I gripped my cordless phone as if it were a wild animal trying to escape and tried again. The phone rang three times before an answering machine picked up. When I was twenty-one, I wrote about my experience in I Kissed Dating Goodbye.She climbed into her worn, navy blue Honda Accord and shut out the cold. I'd reached a point where I felt ready to pursue marriage, and I was deeply attracted to her. For five years I'd experienced God's faithfulness as I waited on romance; now I was stepping into the unknown believing that He would continue to be faithful as I pursued romance. I couldn't believe that I was doing this—that in only a few minutes she would be sitting across from me. The first thing I noticed about Shannon was her eyes—they were a bluish, greenish, gray color, and they sparkled when she smiled. Exactly five feet tall, Shannon defines the word petite. At only five feet six inches myself, a girl who actually looked up into my eyes was a rare find.She lifted her keys to the ignition, and then paused. The guy who had "kissed dating goodbye" was about to "say hello to courtship." Corner Table The next evening I arrived early for my meeting with Shannon. Shannon Hendrickson and I had been friends for about a year. I caught my first glimpse of her on the Sunday she got up in church and shared the story of how she'd become a Christian.Before heading to Nashville, she wanted to take a few guitar lessons.She asked around about a teacher, and a friend referred her to a guitarist named Brian Chesemore, who was looking for students.

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