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Subsequently, the conviction of one man was overturned. There is a defence committee set up to raise funds for Comeau/Sauve and it was asked to send all available materials including media clippings, letters etc. October 10, 1991 Following a telephone conversation with John Hill I wrote to him and explained that we: 1) understood Campbell's political dilemma in the 690 plea for clemency; and 2) we would be willing to help in the gathering of new evidence. She said she had heard that the Satan's Choice had spoken words to the effect that they had to "do" Matiyek. Ray: Mick Lowe, he lives on the Vermillion River, that's north of Sudbury, now Sudbury when I was up there, as I say it's been 10 years or so, the Choice were running the drug trade like you wouldn't believe. O'BRIEN: Guindon was trying to take over the conversation at all times? A.: "Yep, yep he is one of the reasons why a lot of people feel that this was not planned and deliberate." Q.: There is a thousand and one reasons to believe that. And that would be about two hours after you arrived? - I was back in the shuffleboard room - I was shooting shuffleboard - I heard shots, guys came running past me - Kathy did good - Everybody - Sauve and Blaker good guys and just wanted to hang out with.. (17) He doesn't remember seeing Dave Hills that night (18) He was vague about where he was (19) There were 20 SCMC (20) "They should have thrown anyone they identified into jail" Hates Choice (21) Peart's hands were shaking the whole time. It would be dumb, I wouldn't do it, there's no mileage in something like that. Apart from that no drugs I don't do them - they tried that you know. You know Dave Hills, the bartender, I know Dave I've been over to his place when I've gone on these Indian ...(? You know what the story is, there's a big drug deal that goes on there and the Satan's Choice boys weren't welcome in it. You were identified for the public record at the trial and there are sufficient things there, but you know as far as that's concerned your..

In 1980, six men were convicted of conspiracy to murder. Mc Reelis went to his place on drug warrant and took nude picture of his wife. Mc Reelis also upset when as a young cop he was told not to intervene. Also contacted Warren Allemand's office and spoke to Pat Zakaib she was supportive but we drew a blank on real info. N8X 3A6 The first letter she wrote us a few years ago. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- October 29, 1991 AM to AM Mick Lowe A lady wrote to say that her sister had been raped. The "fact fucker" statement was given to police to Wilson or Mc Reelis. Gillespie was supposed to be a live witness but he was not at the lineup. Ray: No A.: Well you should get a hold of him, the last I heard of him the Globe and Mail, because I was a writer for them during those years, at the time that he published that book I believe the author was living in Sudbury or North Bay, I don't know if he's still there or not but I would suggest you get a hold of him and of course there must be a list of people too in the bibliography that you can get a hold of. AVISSON: I think from everyone came the indication that there may have been other individuals there that were being protected. Now I don't know if that was for any particular adverse purpose. He looks like a real square-shooting citizen, you know what I mean. That would be about or thereabouts in the morning? Interview at Peart's home March 29 -- PM - There are certain individuals I couldn't have talk about it - no yelling before he was shot - Matiyek first - arrived with Gillespie - I wasn't called - I could only identify two people, Blaker and Sauve - I heard the shots - there was screaming, some guys went out back door - I went to front - went and phoned ambulance and police - phoned from front door and went around back, outside - Rod Stewart was attending body - went to Sue Foote's place with Kathy after the shooting - Don't remember who went to Sue Foote's place - You might want to look into - "Did I go to the police station" - Dave and I went to police station at about - Rod Stewart was tending to the body Rumour: A guy who got off was a real bad guy. - I wasn't a close friend of Bill's - a big guy who liked motorcycles. I borrowed the money from a bank in Cobourg to keep the keyboard. (12) The accepted the offer for Kathy (13) He said Choice still walked around town afterwards showing their colours (14) He didn't see Helen Mitchell at the bar (15) He was at the shuffleboard and there were a few people around him (16) He ID'd Blaker and Sauve on the 19th. I've never threatened him, I wouldn't do that, I wouldn't be that damned stupid to trust him. I have my firearms back and I've had a hell of a time keeping them believe me and I'm constantly being stopped now, so I have to watch what I do and keep it in a fine line. A.: Oh yes, there was an impaired and the Mc Reelis thing, and believe it or not I got 3 months for killing the god-damned Doberman next door. You know the old saying I wouldn't bury them with your shovel. One time I was in there and a couple of big fellows came in and Neil asked Bill to come over and back him up, now they looked like collector type or whatever, with their big, long coats, it was something heavy whatever it was and Bill was acting with Neil like buddy-buddy you know and I think he gave him the gun more for that, to protect Neil, but I don't know, didn't want to know. A.: Yes, I was there and the two guys said what they'd do to Matiyek or something....they were going to come back and see Neil when Bill wasn't around, so whatever was going on there. A.: Oh yea, it's through the whole system, there's a pick up goes on out here, out in Bewdey here and I've seen, like these people don't just come out here to drive around, they're not out here on a business trip or visiting relatives, it's a pick up, and I've seen two different guys like one guy in Dave's car, actually there's three that I know of and I'm pretty sure that's what they're up to but I can't swear to it. A.: (can not hear this answer) Q.: How did he have a conflict? drugs with Choice Q.: Oh, I see, that's interesting eh. Q.: Um, no we didn't have any difficulty finding you, we just used our computers per se.

Neil Caplan - part owner of Queens and person who gave Matiyek the gun (32 cal. Bernie Guindon Bill Lavoie Bobby Cousins (deceased) Mac Haig - London Free Press Bill Glaister - Freelance reporter who covered trial. This case has been under investigation for over 2 years to determine whether a retrial is warranted. Thomas: I am writing to you in your capacity as counsel for Richard Sauve, Gary Comeau, Jeffrey Mc Leod, Mervin Blaker and Larry Hurren, on whose behalf you made an application for mercy pursuant to the provisions of section 690 of the Criminal Code. October 25, 1991 Visited THE WALTON between and pm wearing rough jeans and a nice sweater. Mary behind bar and Sylvia and Linda who wait tables. There's good and bad." I don't know why they went to the Hotel. The lawyer asked me to find anything I could find to prove that Gary was right handed because the gunman was left handed. Before Gary was ever arrested, Mc Reelis was known as "Shotgun Mc Reelis" he had a reputation. If you had intentions of killing someone, would you do it in a place where everyone knew you. I saw him signing a cheque." I asked her "Who talked to Campbell before he walked to the table." In the '70s the bikers where the real bad guys but today the police have too many other things to worry about. After the shooting, Gary didn't come home for a few days. A.: How did the Province manage to accomplish a conviction? Ray: The question, what I think about anyway, is how the Province achieved this victory if you want to call it that, with these two people? A.: "I don't know, not all of them." Q.: no, that's true, that's true A.: " I have a big, I have a blow-up of this photo ID which is much better than the one in the book. Now of course there is also the matter of the ever changing photo arrays." Q.: I just get so upset when I read that book, when I read the transcript book dealing with Constable Donald Denis's testimony. A.: "Yes, it must drive you nuts." Q.: and the other thing about the gun, put that book across a 30 ft. (4) Jeff Mc Leod at the bar, sort of - he was on the stools (5) Rick Galbraith tending bar (6) Sue Foote South end of bar (when I came in) (7) Jamie Hanna at the bar table and around there moving all over (8) Kathy Cotgrave, I saw her but didn't know her at the time (9) Dave Gillispie, in other room - he walked over to our table - he was asking about M/C parts. A.: He was there, so he was involved in the murder.

who found witnesses dropping off due to police harassment. The committee distributes a newsletter to its members in Canada, Sweden, England, Australia and the U. In his preable to the song he asks his audiences to read "Conspiracy of Brothers" and refers to his song as one about a judicial 'frame-up'. Elizabeth Thomas Barrister & Solicitor 155 Queen Street Ninth Floor Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6l1 (Phone number 613-531-2660) Dear Ms. Went in and had seen 3 Satan's Choice - Bill Lavoie, Richard Price and Dwight Boyle there. Also to find out more about where the original witnesses had gotten to. Mc Reelis said to me "lots of young fellas go out at night and don't tell their parents what they do but we think Gary was shot that night." They persisted in asking if there was blood on his clothing and on his sheets. Ray: What do you think the Province got off with these guys, how do you think they managed to accomplish this? A.: I know, I've heard about this guy too, he was famous for that role. A.: "And matched up with the other eye witnesses on virtually none. 'the first was Ray Snyder a Satan's Choice from the Kitchener chapter, Cotgrave had pointed to Snyder and said that with a hat on he had looked just like the gunman'". A.: "NO, Oh no she pointed at two pictures and said one of them could be the gunman, the first one was Snyder, the second was Comeau." Q.: Yea, the pictures were terrible though. A.: "She calls a picture of Comeau, this is Cotgrave again, could be trigger man, she came back with the same picture of Comeau a second time thought to be the trigger man this time she made no mention of Snyder's picture. (2) Armand Sanguigni in Pinball room talking to Outlaws (3) Larry Hurren at bar on North side of bar - he was East side, left of me. Q.: Who Blaker wasn't A.: No, Blaker was there Q.: Was he involved in the murder? If you can get Sam Mc Reelis to come and sit with us then I will answer questions.

Two men, Richard Sauve and Gary Comeau, were convicted of first degree murder and are still serving life sentences, with 25 years before parole. Smiley shot and killed Quinn at Queen's Hotel a few years prior. Established that he needed assistance interviewing respondents from an advertisement he placed in the local paper. SHe was interviewed by someone from Justice who was asking what we think were peculiar questions. - does the Jacket constitute proof if found or it's whereabouts or disposal traced -- a number of witnesses have said he was wearing a green parka ? -- Susan Foote, she is the one who is married to... Is a question that was put to the guard who wrote Justice Minister saying that she believed that Comeau and Sauve were innocent. Ray: Well you were working as a journalist at the time and.. A.: "Oh yes, he was identified." Q.: What about Ray Snyder, the old-timer? - I went to see pictures the next day - Kathy was a key witness - for a week or a couple of weeks after we were pretty scared - Police offered to pick us up and take.. If you can get Nutty to tell you he would know more about it than I would but it's pretty heavy with all those people around that hotel. - I didn't see no gun - the table was there - Lorne went right out the door by Bill Matiyek - I think everyone was wanting to get out of there - I was pretty fast - there was people - it seemed like everyone was getting out of there - I was in the middle of this - I didn't talk to anyone - I went to my car - it was an old blue station wagon I had, I think it was a Rambler - Ricky jumped in - some of the other guys, Nutty and Jeff, they got in - we then left and everyone was pretty upset - I was parked on John j Street - I went down John street - we stopped at a garage off401 along Hwy. When he saw everyone (us) there he kept his hands in his pocket. -- out of the blue he found me and I thought I had escaped or something I don't know, it was kind of shocking you know, when I asked him how he found me he told me the information was coming through my ex- . so you were not approached by police, you actually reported yourself to the police did you, as being a person knowing something of this? A.: I would say they didn't ask me, I was there, I was ready, I was ready to testify, I didn't get called at the time.

Murray Blaker, Jeff Mc Leod and Larry Hurren, convicted of second degree murder, are on parole after serving 10 years in various prisons. Wednesday, October 16, 1991 Met with John Hill at the Holiday Inn in Toronto. to attest to interviewer's statement, or statement of affidavit of witness. - name of cop who came forward as a result of the advert. - Withholding of tapes from the wiretap of the Kitchener/Waterloo Clubhouse. A.: Well they're running it all over, and that's why they gave up and, it's much more valuable for them to lay low and peddle drugs quietly than it is to run around and burn buildings down like they used to. A.: There's always drugs, again there's no evidence as far as I can see that the Choice are being couriers for drugs because I wouldn't know and one can only go by what your given to understand. Of the people who were there who were not identified, did you ever hear or learn that Dwayne Wemp was around? A.: "Oh Wow, no, I just know the name because it came up in the IDs." Q.: Oh really, it came up eh? - BM kept a shotgun in truck - Police took so long to get there Doug Peart was never asked to give evidence. Q.: Mc Reelis is better off if the system deals with him, there is a system and it's there. Q.: Well I'd love to take a statement from you suggesting, where you suggest anyway that he threatened you, he threatened you twice you said, and he said? )and I's go over there for a few minutes, and I know these guys they've got their drugs, they sell them. Whatever Rick was on, the little bit he was using, I can't tell you I didn't ask but obviously he was on a bit and I think Matiyek had control of it. said "oh Fuck" and turned - that night many of the guys - there were several individuals who are - he can think of 3 or 4 guys who didn't go to Port Hope Left Gary at p.m. - Rick was called to the table where Bill Matiyerk was sitting - Matiyek caled Rick over - they were talking - I didn't see how they were talking - I didn't hear any thing but I saw movements that indicated they were talking - I thought Nutty wandered over there - he was at a table more south of me - Comeau was S. of me - he wandered ove to Bill Matiyek's table - I remember that girl being there but I can't remember at what time - she left or something - and then I was talking to Rick Galbraith - then I guess the shooting happened - when Lorne shot Matiyek - it was from behind me that Lorne came - I had my back to the North side - I looked to my right and somehow - his back wass to me - then the shooting happened - when I looked I looked right at Bill Matiyek - he was already falling toward floor. A.: No, I'm just curious, because years ago an author, what's his name, the man who wrote Conspiracy of Brothers, Mick Lowe?

Cathy Cotgrave - material witness ID'd all accused. Port Hope Julie Joncas - material witness , she conflicted with Stewart Not present at time of shooting. Question re threaatening phone calls, someone shot up Lawrence's car before he was to testify. Susan Foote Cathy Cotgrave married Doug Peart, then separated. Over the past 18 months I have repeatedly urged resolution to this case. The applicants were convicted of murder for their respective roles in the shooting death of Mr. Aselstine (waitress- ), 2 plates for Leo Powell, (Proprietor of The Walton, home-4 Silver Cres. Patterson (529 Birkdale Street, Oshawa), and Frew Farms Limited. October 26, 1991 PM Mick Lowe 705-969-7213 no answer as in repeated earlier attempts. Because you can ask yourself this question, if we saw one weapon in Campbell's hand then that may be the one that did the shooting, if you saw two weapons, who shot of the two, and what did forensic say. Asked Mc Leod if he would take lie-detector test - "yes". (learned later the guy was a Peel Regional Police), his name is Rob, he has black hair, black moustache about 5'10", hair is longish wearing tie and leather coat, he is about 35 or less. So, something is very wrong there in the statement of Joncas and Powell, I mean whatever else they did it had nothing to do with what was going on in the bar. A.: "That it was planned and deliberate." Q.: But the style was just outrageous. - not too sure how many guys came down - doesn't remember Dave - Sam Mc Reelis reminds one of a person who watched too much TV - My Parole Officer was Bill Dunbar Police onetime raided my house - they were all at my house and the phone rang - I answered the phone - it was Julie Joncas she was calling to warn me that police were about to raid my house. I saw her another time at the bar and she said she had overheard it at the bar that police would raid my house. - I was never around Bill Matiyek much - I talked to him sometimes - he dropped up to our place once - had a drink and left - mid 70's. I don't know that they came into the hotel that night realizing that that was going to go down, I don't think probably that that was the case, but... A.: Um, I really don't know, I don't think that they meant to kill him, I think they meant to teach him a lesson, I don't think that if they meant to kill him that they would have staged it in such a manner, they're too sleazy for that, they weren't up front enough to confront someone face to face, they would wait until you walked out to your truck and beat the shit out of you..leave you laying there. A.: They weren't you know, like I said, you know for that many of them to come in and kind of flaunt in everybody's face, you know, so I think it was definitely to be a confrontation but, I mean there was so much involved in that shit, Brian Brideau was the set-up man Q.: He started the whole thing eh?

An appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal by the applicants was unsuccessful, as was the subsequent application for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. March 14, 1991 Thank you for your letter regarding the murder convictions of Rick Sauve, Gary Comeau, Merv Blakre, Larry Hurren and Jeff Mc Leod. It was with great disappointment that we learned that Justice Minister Kim Campbell had turned down a request for a new trial on December 10th. In so doing, she has ignored a body of evidence that suggests a miscarriage of justice in this casse. Milne: Thank you for sending me a copy of your letter to Kim Campbell, Minister of Justice, concerning your views on the case of Regina v. I have received a number of letters involving this case, and expressed my disappointment with the Minister's response which denies these men the possibility of a new trial. A.: He could feel free to call me if he has any specific questions. Roy Ealey interviewed him Dec 11.-- he is sending him a tape - met face to face with Larry Hall (6l) - Larry Hall is an environmentalist - Hall says there is no doubt Campbell fired the shots - Larry Hall says he can't disclose names about where the information comes from. Kerbel could remember that Comeau had lost a tooth in 1975 but couldn't remember the details of the trial for Mick Lowe, when Meinhardt said to jury "maybe there was two gunmen" Bruce Affleck called a meeting Kerbel wouldn't do the things he should have done. Comeau went to Sauve's place first, Comeau went in Jeff's car. Plates in lot at closing time - Honda YMM 641, 4WD - NBN 865, 239 HLN, 216 LAJ - is the waitresses vehicle, registereed to Goodmakers Auto Sales. John's first aid training wasn't going to be much help, but by the way I was surprised that Matiyek's head did not seem, when I saw his corpse - the picture - I don't know it didn't look like John Kennedy's head it hadn't been blown apart, I was quite surprised at that." Q.: A small calibre weapon. Port Hope Evening Guide and Cobourg Evening Star each paper ran an ad from the defence committee on Friday September 20. -Sauve and Comeau are still in jail service a twenty-five year sentence -Hoffman was released in April 1984 from Collins Bay after serving 42 months. I asked him for information and he said only on his client's consent. April 10, 1992 - Gary Comeau called - his clearance to the fence line has been revoked - Comeau's cell has been searched because he swore out an affidavit in the defence of an inmate - Comeau has been turned down for his transfer to Beaver Creek - he has also been forbidden his fence clearance - he told people at the CSC that he is innocent of his charges and should not be in jail - he raised the issue of Sauve being sent to Minimum - at Warkworth, CSC people are avoiding confrontation - guards seem supportive - Gary says some people believe something is going down on.. in Port Hope - Wilson and Mac Donald were together when call came from dispatch on October 18, 1978. On October 18, 1978, Peter Murdoch worked for the Peterborough Examiner. - Moore must be asked about where he got information enough to suggest to Bill Wakely about the gun. - Bill says people would not be surprised nor dismayed if Sam ever bites the dust on criminal charges. He says there are some people who are leary about us and that we may be working for the RCMP or the OPP or someone who would wish them harm for some reason. John Hill has all the details in terms of address and phone numbers. He says that he has talked to Larry and that Larry is speaking to Mr. I told Gary to call Larry and tell him that I would be available any time tonight. He says he will call in an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. am, April 17, 1992-- There has been no call from "Larry". April 16, 1992 NOTE TO FILE In the context of the true facts we have uncovered, it is a preposterous thing that Gary Comeau and the other accused were ever convicted and imprisoned on the charges brought by the action Regina vs Mc Leod et al. In all instances, including the Crown's case against Gary Comeau, the defence against the Crown's case, and in all subsequent appeals, the matter has never been argued on the basis of true fact resulting from a proper investigation. A.: Yea, well, its different now, but then it was the old red velvet wallpaper on the walls, not the plastic fantastic crap they put on it after, but like when you came in the main entrance at Walton St. A.: The pool table was up at the other end, like at the front end of the actual hotel and there was a little room that was separate, well I mean it didn't have a proper closing door but it had like an archway going through and it had like a window thing that you could see through into there and it was shallowly lit you know ....there wasn't a whole lot of room in there. Following the close of the defence case, Crown Counsel re-called witness Susan Foote, a patron of the Queen's Hotel, who was present on the evening of the shooting. Foote had testified earlier in the trial regarding observations she had made in the period of time before, and after, the shooting of Mr. She further indicated that, in the period of time immediately prior to the shooting she had been looking around the lounge to see if she recognized anyone and she had not seen Lorne Campbell. I do not know the name of the person I saw with the gun. People move around as you know when they're drinking, now at that time the Tower had a licence a Lounge licence, now it's quite possible that somebody found it a little too toney, maybe a couple of construction workers or something that were there may have gone down to the Ganny for a, not the Ganny but the Walton or the Queen's as it was known then. We heard Florida, Hawaii- these were bribes the witnesses received. Cathy Cotgrave in Port Hope, Bell reverse has # as K. Cathy Cotgrave lives at a home at 97 Mill Road 885-1667, the phone is registered to K. A.: "It doesn't say, that's why in terms of the gun those guys should be interviewed, because I thought it just as probable - now you tell me what the procedure would be; you have a stiff lying on the floor, someone who is very near death, there has been a shooting clearly a crime of some sort, but clearly you would have to attend to him, he would have to be taken away that wouldn't be considered interference of the crime scene would it? It may have been third hand information from another constable, from them. Doug owns a few buildings around town bit of Real Estate etc. Hoffman was given a new trial but he copped a plea for time served. Terry Hall - Woody organized drug raids in the 70's - "Woody" was the instrument of the Big Raid that Sauve told us about Left Wilson's home at p.m. Peter knew of Douglas Peart but says he didn't know him well. I mean my God I can remember standing at the bar and looking into the pool room which was dark but you could see silhouettes and there was probably 10 people in there alone and there weren't that many patrons in the hotel that night. A.: I would say at least Q.: OK, and the pool room.. October 13, 1992 pm Contacted Betty Lucas by phone 753-2392 - Welcome area -- Betty Lucas is retired. I am also satisfied that the jury was entitled to consider the inconsistencies between the description of the gunman and the physical appearance of Lorne Campbell. Justice critic Svend Robinson repeatedly called on the government to order a new trial in this case. I have since met Gary Comeau at Warkworth Institution and I can state without reservation that the man who did the shooting was not Gary Comeau. I'm being very careful here, the names that I'm quoting are just names on the public record and if I were in your place I think that's how I would go at it. Armand Sanguigni had it down pat, he was a leader, he was experienced. Terry O'Hara was the best lawyer Kerbel was a clown Armand was saying get rid of Kerbel. Feb.02, 1992 - Port Hope - PM Dover Seafood House. Car in driveway LDC 38 Feb.03 - Helen Collins - 50 x 132' lot, house is 50 years old, sold to people about 12 years ago. " Q.: That's true, but first of all you'd have to believe that some first aid could be administered and there is a natural propensity for people to believe that the deceased is not in fact deceased. Queen's Hotel - October 18, 1978 -- September 30, 1991 - Elaine began follow-up. NOTE TO FILE Lorne Campbell shot Bill Matiyek in the Queen's Hotel Bar. He sat 4 years as a accessory after the fact, March 21, 1983, Hoffman after a year out went back to jail for a year. W is ready to come forward April 8, 1992 Talked to David Hoffman and asked him to contact his lawyers Brian Greenspan and Edward MArtin and instruct them to send us the files "Evidence Files". He knew Leo Powell merely as an owner of the Queen's Hotel. - The day after (Oct.19) a bunch of guys were called in to search area. Shortreed was not entirely helpful April 16, 1992 PM Talked to Gary Comeau Laid out the facts of life under no uncertain terms. A.: Was right at the very back, like at the front as you came in the main door... Matiyek's death was the unplanned consequence of a volatile situation which escalated out of control when Mr. Campbell stated in his evidence that he fired the fatal shots because he thought Mr. At the table behind me there were a number of individuals also seated at a round table. - somebody called John Hill "I was raped by Richard Price, Bill Lavoie and Dwight Boyle". There may have been some little old man, because there was a lot of elderly people, who was upstairs at the time who may have been down for a quick drink before he went to bed. If you have got some little old man who was quietly sitting in a corner who is a resident of that hotel and nobody asked him a thing, and some one in off the street, you never know, and he sure isn't going to come forward and say because you know what happens to most people. A.: "He wasn't searching for a copper, he went to a pay phone in front of the hotel to call, looked out the window and there was the cop car on the corner, and then he ran out onto the street." Q.: So you mean he was in the lounge? April 4, 1992 Met Merv at CNE Colliseum Motorcycle Swap meet and show. 80-100 Outlaws - a dozen Loners, Iron Wings, Last Chance - and about 40 BDR's and about a dozen Para-Dice Riders. These are the plates of the three vehicles in which a group of Outlaws departed. * New Witnesses - the ambulance attendants, old nurses at the time might know * Mrs. they had been Choice for years and both of them changed when the Outlaws came up from the East, they were Kingston-based at that time, and there was quite a few of the Kingston Chapter I guess that went with the Outlaws and that was a blow to the Satan's Choice, and so here's Bill, a Golden Hawk, sitting with two Outlaws, ex-Choice members and they were all drunk, I mean they were drunk, they weren't just feeling good, they were drunk. Matiyk came into conflict with the applicants Sauve and Comeau. Campbell was called as a witness by counsel for Mr. Under the protection of section 5 of the Canada Evidence Act, Lorne Campbell testified that he had shot Mr. Matiyek was reaching for a gun and he felt threatened. To my right was a man from Port Hope whose name I cannot recall. Seated to the north of the table behind me was the man who was shot. A glass mug must have been hit because I recall a piece of glass travelling through my hair. Ray: There is a plan of the Lounge, that's where the people were sitting. So you should check that and also let me think now, another long shot you might do, check those people who were resident at the Ganaraska Hotel up the street at the same time, check their Register. A.: "He was in the lobby I believe." Q.: Well there must have been a phone taken out of there since that time because there's no phone in there now. Clelland is 6'2", reddish hair worn in long ponytail; receeding hairline. - Powel has a record, Powell's lawyer attacked the Indian guy on his (? Eleanor Wilson - 885-2925 * Mrs Green * Shirley Hall who became Shirley Elliot. He says he remembers very little and it is a thing he doesn't want to remember. Q.: These guys from the Choice who came in that night?

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