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King James Version Apocrypha Revised Standard Version, includes Apocrypha The Story, The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People, Selections from the New International Version The following Bibles are available on request: English Standard Version, txt format Holman Christian Standard Bible, txt format Amplified Bible, rtf format in a single file Analytical Literal New Testament, txt format English Majority Text, txt format International Standard Version, rtf format New American Standard Bible, txt format New English Translation, txt format Living Bible, Paraphrase (HTML, TXT, BRL) J B Phillips New Testament, rtf NET Bible, without notes NET Bible, with notes New English Bible Bible Vision - a program for searching for Greek and Hebrew key words *A Family Guide to the Bible, Christin Ditchfield *A Guide to New Religious Movements, Ronald Enroth, Editor Anchor Bible Dictionary Archeology in the New Testament, John Mc Ray Bakers Dictionary of Theology, Everett E. A BLACK THEOLOGY OF LIBERATION, FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY EDITION, JAMES H.

Harrison, editor Bakers Dictionary of Religious Terms, Donald L Kauffman, editor *Between the Testaments, D. Russell Brown Driver, Briggs, Hebrew-English Lexicon, Abridged Christian Cyclopedia, Erwin L. Tenney *NIV Compact Commentary, John Sailhamer *Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms, Stanley J. CONE A Contemporary Anabaptist Theology, Biblical, Historical, Constructive, Thomas N.

Christian Ministry Resources for the Blind This page updated, May 26, 2018 English Language Bibles Hebrew and Greek Bibles Teachings about God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Sin, Salvation, Church, End Times, etc. While Optasia Ministry is allowed by law, to distribute its resources in the United States, certain publishers have given Optasia Ministry permission to distribute their resources internationally.

Books in the library marked with, *, are included in the International Optasia Library. We offer 25 versions of the Bible in HTML format, unique with Optasia Ministry.

Jenson *The Christian Faith, Michael Horton A Biblical and Scientific Refutation of Progressive Creationism, Jonathan Sariati Ph D *CREATED in GODS IMAGE, Anthony A.

Hoekema Delight in Creation, Scientists Share Their Work with the Church, Edited by Deborah Haarsma *DID ADAM AND EVE REALLY EXIST? John Collins *Eternal Covenant, How the Trinity Reshapes Covenant Theology, Ralph Smith *God with Us, Divine Condescension and the Attributes of God, K. VANHOOZER Science and the Spirit, A Pentecostal engagement with the sciences, Edited by James K. smith and amos Yong Starlight and Time, Solving the Puzzle of Distant Starlight in a Young Universe, D.

Hollis Gause On the Cessation of the Charismata, The Protestant Polemic on Post-Biblical Miracles Revised & Expanded Edition, Jon Mark Ruthven. Sproul *Living and Active, Scripture in the Economy of Salvation, Telford Work *LIVING BY THE BOOK, Howard G. Hendricks *The Blue Parakeet, Scott Mc Knight *The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures, Edited by D. Carson *The Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism, Responding to New Challenges to Biblical Authority, G. Beale The Fall of the Interpretation, Philosophical Foundations for a Creational Hermeneutic, James K. Smith The Inclusive Language Debate, A Plea for Realism, D. Carson The Living word of god, Rethinking the Theology of the Bible, Ben Witherington III *The Protestant Doctrine Of Scripture, Cornelius Van Tiln The Sufficiency of Scripture, The Key to Revival, JOSEPH STEPHEN *The Word of God for the People of God, An Entryway to the Theological Interpretation of Scripture, J. Wall *Sacramental Teaching and Practice in the Reformation Churches, G. Bromiley *Baptism in the Early Church, Everett Ferguson Baptism in the New Testament, G. Beasley-Murray Believers and their Seed, Herman Hoeksema Believers Baptism, Sign of the New Covenant in Christ, Thomas R.Frame *Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem Systematic Theology, Edited by Stanley M.Horton Systematic Theology, Volumes 1 and 2, Robert W.These Bibles run in Internet Explorer (you do not need to be online to use these Bibles).Books, chapters and verses are easily accessible with links. This form of the Bible has been used on a Pac Mate, a Braille Note, and a Braille Sense as well as desk top computers and works well on these machines.

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