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Amazingly, Ross claims that his approach is ‘a literal reading of the Genesis creation chapters’ (p. This is surely a very non-literal usage of the word ‘literal’!

Ross’s popularity in evangelical Christendom is based on several factors: Formatted as above (starting a new line and changing the font style from small capitals to italics after ‘Ph.

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While he is insistent about distinguishing himself from ‘theistic evolutionists’ (TEs), Ross adopts the same basic philosophical approach. essentially materialistic, billions of years, etc.) ‘science’ his authority over Scripture.When they point out exceptions, Ross redefines terms so that Day 6 doesn’t really refer to any creature that appeared before whales.And when all else fails, he claims that the ‘days’ overlapped.This means that he must try to fit billions of years into Scripture, with corollaries of a local flood and pre-Adamite soulless man-like creatures, and death of animals before sin.The only real difference between the two positions is that PCs deny transformism, the changing of one kind into another.

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