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My last post on David Brooks, conservatism and neuroscience inspired a spirited debate.I argued that the discoveries of modern neuroscience seem to support liberal public policies focused on reducing levels of inequality: While conservatives tend to regard poverty as primarily a cultural issue, solvable by increasing marriage rates and transitioning people to minimum wage jobs, this research suggests that the symptoms of poverty are not simply states of mind; they actually warp the mind.Come join us and find out who is your one Christian love!Unbiased reviews of paid and free Christian dating sites all over the Internet.

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It seems to me that scientific issues (global warming, R&D, energy policy, etc.) are the best issues for Democrats to draw a clear distinction between themselves and Republicans.

They could occasionally play with other marmosets, swing on some branches, and exercise their curious instincts.

The third group of marmosets was placed in the -enriched environment.

The truth of the matter is that our neurons are designed to reflect their circumstances, not to rise above them.

As a result, the monotonous stress of living in a slum literally limits the brain.

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