Introvert girl dating extrovert guy Social sexy dating nl

I don’t mean keep it a secret – unless it’s something you guys don’t want to share.

I mean, try to do that activity exclusively with each other.

Find Common Ground Introverts and extroverts are drawn to completely different activities. You need to figure out where you guys have common ground and build a foundation on that.

However, you likely share some similar interests or you wouldn’t be dating. It’s not going to be very fun if one of you has to compromise in every situation.

Do you really want to date someone who is only attracted to an act and not really attracted to the real you?

That’s one of the best things about dating an introvert – they are interested in getting to know the you! Have you spotted the underlying themes of the book?

It’s ok to share common hobbies with friends, but introverts love to have a hobby that they only share with one special person.

It could be anything from taking walks, to cooking on Sunday afternoons, to watching a particular show… They say opposites attract and I’ve found that to be true.

If that scares you, well, then who’s the shy one now? Can you compare it to similar books to determine if the information is high quality or garbage?

Deep Conversation Introverts love deep conversation. They love to ask broad questions that open a gaping hole into your mind and soul. Can you find relevance in the book to your own life? A lack of intelligence is a deal breaker for introverts, most of the time.

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