Iranian american dating customs

At first, members of the bride’s family talk about the virtues of the girl.

Traditionally, modesty was among the most highly valued qualities, along with domestic skills like cooking, embroidery, and entertaining at social gatherings (Mehmān Navāzi).

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Once the man, or his family, had decided on a potential bride, the Khastegāri process would take place.

In some places, the henna is first put on the hands of the bride and then distributed to the guests; in other areas the henna is first distributed to the guests, and only after everybody has left is it placed on the bride’s hands.

If the woman so wishes, henna can also be placed on her feet and hair.

According to an ancient Zoroastrian practice, this is done by the groom's family in order to persuade the bride to accept the proposal. Hana Bandān (Persian: حنابندان, Azerbaijani: Xına Gecəsi خینا گئجه سی) is the ceremony held one day before the wedding in the home of bride and groom.

It generally takes place at the girl’s home and among women, although either side can choose to host it.

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