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Roasting Starbursts over the fire makes them slightly crunchy on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside AND intensifies the flavor.So while you’re at the store grabbing a bag of marshmallows, don’t forget the Starbursts! by Real Simple– As simple as it is, there’s just something magical about watching popcorn pop over the fire. For even more fun, try adding different seasonings like Parmesan or Ranch. The kids are out of school, the days are longer, and nights are warmer. I’d say it’s a definite upgrade from the usual graham crackers.It’s our chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and appreciate our time together, making memories in the beautiful outdoors. by Truly Simple– Who knew that oranges could be so handy when it comes to camp cooking?by Lakeland Gear– Cook a yummy breakfast of bacon and eggs in brown paper bags over the fire.The eggs are done when the grease from the bacon is about half way up the side of the bag. by A Mum ‘n the Oven– You want pancakes when you camp, but it’s messy and you have to take milk and eggs. Isn’t it amazing how a little preparation can make things so much easier?Apparently, the moisture of the orange peel prevents burning and imparts a nice orange-y flavor.Totally want to plan a camping trip by Mommy Savers– Have you tried this trick before?

Hang it from a tree and you have a portable organizer for anything you need to keep off the ground: utensils, kitchen equipment, food, and more. by Prepared Not Scared– Organize everything you’ll need for cooking your meal outdoors with a tool organizer kind of like this – genius!

by Precise Is Nice– Here’s the mother-load of campfire cooking recipes!

Everything from snacks, breads, and desserts to breakfasts, dinner, and beverages. Did you know you could use a peppermint stick to drink the juice out of an orange? by The Frugal Girls– The Frugal Girls shared their very best camping menu tips – you should definitely check ’em out. Pretty sure that’s more camping recipes than you’ll by Cutest Little Things– Before heading out into the wilderness, why not make an “Ouch Pouch” to keep all of your first aid essentials easily accessible? by Sew Cakemaker– Using a 5 gallon bucket like this, she thought of a unique way to provide seating around the campfire for the kiddos, as well as a clever way to store their clothes and personal belongings!

Camping is the perfect time to unplug and just enjoy being together. Here are some handy apps that the whole family will enjoy to take your camping experience to the next level …

by Kyle Kendall– With this app, you can calculate the number of coals you need for your dutch oven to reach a certain temperature. Experienced campers know that camping with kids requires a little extra planning and preparation, especially when it comes to keeping them entertained…

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