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That's right Actress and all around American eye candy, Lisa Raye has gotten herself a preacher man.

Bishop Noel Jones, brother of the famed icon Grace Jones is reportedly dating the Player's Club star.

Well, Lisa Raye says until you see a ring on her finger, don't you believe it...But the two have chosen not to speak publicly about the details of their relationship at this time.Both divorced parents, the two are seriously dating, but we cannot confirm any plans to marry.Our editors have solid media relationships and friends in high places, but had heard nothing of the sort about our dear brother and megapastor of City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California.But after our staff journalists contacted a few of our most reliable inside sources close to the situation, we have now learned that Bishop Noel Jones and Lisa Raye Mc Coy, the star of VH1's comedic drama,"Single Ladies," are in fact a pair.

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