Japanese dating language

You can hear our various podcasting escapades on the main podcast page.Thank your lucky stars you don’t have to see my picture again.But fear not, in this podcast Ami and Alex will teach you the most natural and commonly used phrase to express you have to so something. In this podcast, Tomo and Alex discuss the eternal philosophical question “Why do Japanese people wear masks? To find out the definitive answer to that and other Japanese cultural related questions listen to the podcast . Niko from Nihongo Shark is back and in this episode we talked about getting overwhelmed with your Japanese studies and the horrors or the English education system in Japan. In this podcast, Ami and I talk about what to do when you lose your wallet in Japan.Listen to the dialogs to find out what phrases you can use to try and locate your lost items. This week, I talk to Tomo Akiyama, Japanese teacher, expert linguist, well know Twitter user and Japan advocate.

If you join our free members area, you can get access to extra podcasts not available on the free website and feed.This should be of interest to you if you are planning to visit or live in Tokyo, or just curious about life here. Ami Sensei and I present you an epic podcast which teaches you absolutely everything you need to know about learning to speak fluent Japanese.Well, nearly everything, at least enough to get your started. In this podcast Ami sensei and I teach you some natural phrases for describing people’s personalities.In this interview we talk about how to learn Japanese and common errors students make. In this podcast, Ami Sensei and Alex teach you how to hold a natural conversation in Japanese on the phone.Check out the podcast to hear the dialogs and learn some useful phone phrases.

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