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The 37-year-old actress and her 39-year-old hubby had the baby boy during an “intimate birth in Jason Behr and Ka Dee Strickland Expecting First Child 05/30/2013 at AM ET After welcoming triplets in Private Practice‘s final episodes, Ka Dee Strickland is ready to reprise her motherhood role.Only this time it will be in real life — Ka Dee Strickland and Jason Behr are expecting a child together, Just can confirm.I feel like that’s something everybody wants, to just be seen for who they are and appreciated, and what Jason did so wonderfully in his script was that there’s no hiding in that, there’s no pretense, [Max’s reactions are] just coming from his very naked, honest perspective, and [Liz] gets to see it.Those human elements of just wanting to be understood, I was very drawn to, and then to have the science fiction element that ties it together with these experiences, like a first kiss — what that might look like — we were able to show that in a very different way.” Fehr admitted that while he had originally auditioned for the role of Max, he really fought to play Michael, because the character was “an outsider of the outsiders.” The actor also seemed to consider the job an important learning experience, and seemed to imply that he might’ve done things differently if given the chance.“Looking back on it, it’s taught me how to be a better actor in terms of being professional and appreciating what you have…

The cast agreed that their time on “Roswell” was a formative experience — and in many cases, provided their breakthrough role.

“It seemed like an incredibly romantic idea to me, these two characters, Liz and Max, being in love but having this very real thing that kept them from being together.

I’d never worked on anything that had the kind of stakes that this show had…

I look back on this character and this time with so much fondness.” Behr recalled, “When I first read the script I was really drawn to the two worlds that Jason put together.

There’s a very real, honest human emotional feeling to it, and had all the metaphors of being a teenager and being somebody who was really trying to find themselves …

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