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However, the record was ultimately broken by Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You", which jumped from number 97 to number one on the issue dated February 7, 2009.Commercially, "Too Little Too Late" remains her most successful single to-date.

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So there’s a lot more gratification in writing a song for an artist like Jo Jo that radio embraces." Based on this revelation, Steinberg and Alexander decided that they would be writing more pop-R&B songs upon hearing feedback from listeners complimenting them that "'Too Little Too Late' is more of a real song and not just a record." Numerous mixes have been produced since the track's release in July 2006.According to Vibe, the overall more mature, personal sentiment of the album prompted her to record "Too Little Too Late", having experienced both her first love and first heartbreak since the release of her self-titled debut album.The songwriters got along both with Jo Jo and her mother Diana Levesque, who is also her manager, so well that they later returned to the studio to co-write a second song for the album with Jo Jo herself, entitled "How to Touch a Girl".I've almost never really sat down and said, 'I'm going to try to write one that would be good for somebody younger.' I just write a song, and then if somebody younger likes it, then they sing it." That same year, a CD single was released in Europe that, in addition to the main track, includes an instrumental version, two remixes ("Full Phatt Remix Feat Tah Mac" and "Full Phat Remix"), and the music video.Writing the song in a more urban contemporary style was a conscious decision the songwriters made after realizing pop rock songs they had written for artists such as Fe Fe Dobson and The Veronicas were not being particularly embraced by contemporary radio stations in the United States; Steinberg elaborated, "I enjoy writing in all different styles.

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