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EDF’s £90 annual fee for paying gas and electricity bills by cheque is not the worst among the big suppliers.Npower customers have to fork out an extra £94 a year to pay their bills this way.Analysis by Money Mail has found that older customers are facing a raft of penalties designed to push customers to internet deals for essential services because these are cheaper for big companies to run (file photo)Former pensions minister Baroness Altmann said: ‘Companies are profiting from loyal elderly customers who renew or buy in person or over the phone.

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Kimmy Fabel, These are the hottest and horniest busty mature babes, who just can't live without hot young cock. It's Naughty Country Girls, where Southern belles ring your bell with all the country sex you want! The Post Office charges £16.99 a month – only £2 less than its deal that includes broadband, which currently costs £19 a month.Last night, the Post Office said it would cut its landline-only fees to £11.50 next month.Sky and Virgin charge some of their customers £1.75 for each paper bill.BT charges customers £2.50 a month if they have broadband, but says the fee is waived for landline-only customers.

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