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^i^^^ Avco Embassy Into Disks; Label Will Be Helmed by Hugo & Luigi CAPITOL RECORDS PACTS a six-artist production deal with Perceptions Productions of New York. Tom Morgan, vice president of Eastern operations for Capitol; Terry Phillips, president of Perceptions, and Roy Batachio. The deal calls for singles and albums by such groups as the Jon Bartell Thing and noted songwriter- guitarist-composer Maurice Irby Jr.. Pumpkin Pie." The Bartell Thing LP is being produced by writer-producer Jimmy Curtiss and Phillips and will be the first release. Rick Sidoti, Liberty regiontil sales and promotion manager, to Forward Records as national promotion manager. The newly appointed corporate vice-president joined Ampex five years ago as manager of marketing research in the equipment field. The announcement that he the corporate post was made during AST's distributor sales meeting in Rome. — E, E, Prince exercised option to buy 1.950 shares, giving him 2.1.^0. ii HMiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin^ Ampex Bowing Mil Drive • Continued from paf*e I piro with AST advertising and promotion manager, Jim John- son. (WBCR) Lenny Bronitetn, Music Director BP: "Strange Brew"/"Tales of Brave Ulysses," Cream, Atco. BLFH: "Nothing But a Heartache," Flirtations, Deram. Our success has been built on excitement and enthusiasm, belief in our product, the best sales and promotion teams in Canada, top-flight service to dealers and radio stations, constant research and rigid inspec- tion at all times to maintain the highest possible quality of product." "Also, because someone lives in Montreal and learns to speak French, that does not mean he is a French Canadian.

NKW YORK — Avco Km- bassy Pictures is the lalcsl lilni company lo move into the rec- ord business. CBS direct marketing services division, based in New York. Bill Robert named national promotion director of Imperial Records. * ★ * Bud Hayden, formerly West Coast promotion executive with the Tom Wilson production operations, is joining Straight Rec- ords, the label headed by Herb Cohen and Frank Zappa in Los Angeles. A special slide presentation was used by Hall in telling the AST story to the distributors and in unfolding details of the ad drive. BLFP; "I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know." Livin' End. The culture is much deeper, and therefore it is difficult to reconcile the two markets.

He has been offered a label deal by several major com- panies and. he's narrowed it down to two companies who are anxious (Cominiieil on paw K S fax's Education Plan for Poor By JAME. Jim Stewart, the compa- nies' president, revealed Sunday (May IS) during the complex's firs! Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllll SPOTLIGHT ON CANADA SEE CENTER SECTION iiiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Niiniiiiiiiii Ampex Bares Mil Drive ROME — Don Hall. vice-president (see Execu- tive Turntable) and head of the Ampex . ti Kk the wraps off its preceden- tial million consumer adver- tising campaign during the Am- pex-MGM tape distributor sales meeting here. Although he's not yet ready- to commit himself to either one of the two remaining compa- nies that are in the running, Geffen has oui Hned the style in which his label will function. won't involve any of the artists he's already bundling and as- signed to other record compa- nies. Clive Davis said, "In the con- temporary music scene creative and sensitive management is rare and yet it is absolutely neces- sary for the full development of an artist. Levin also bought $.^0,000 in 5'/i percent convert- ible tlebentures. Levin alto bought .15.1X10 wurnin K held personally, and 25.000 for his wife. It is anticipated that NAl.'s next step will be a pro- posed public offering. 32 29 136 50"'i 49'/, 50 Vj CBS HV4 44^1 1209 58^4 54"/, 58,i 4'/4 Chle. 33H 24H 59 26Vt 23 23 Vi M Columbia He 42 tm 317 aan 3SM as M Unchg. KCKN is fourth with still a 10 share 7- midnight, while WHB tops every- thing with 29 and KUDL comes out of almost nowhere to take second with 15. The bubble gum records happen by themselves, "you can't hold them back," he said. Send copy jilonc with payment to: RAOIO-TV JOB MART •lllbo«rd US W. Bell, MGM, Verve and Verge-Forecast, Dot, Stax, Paramount, A&M and Laurie Records as well as several other smaller labels.

Hall told distributors that AST was investing this sum during its By l. Also, the new label will be a co-operative venture in that all the artists on the rosier will participate in company's prulits. Dave Geffen provides this creativity and sensitivity and when this is combined with his keen business acumen he be- comes unique in his accomplish- ments. l.e\in hou Bhl 22.500 shares, giv- ing him 27y.'J49. Finley said his firm is now blueprint- ing expanded moves in the rcc- oid and tape fields, and other areas of the leisure time market. Commonwoollh— Unllod 24K I2H S04S 14M 12M 14M M North Amar. 35' 1 3J7 43W 41M 41M - V, Ditney, Waft B6V4 69'/, 24S 82M 79M so -2M EMI 8'/. 31 32 a2M leor Itt 35Vi 33 '/i 33M Lin Broadcosling 16 15 i3'/i Merco Ent. 1 with 15, followed by WHB and KMBZ with 14, then WDAF with 13 and KCMO with 12. * * * New line-up at WLEE, Rich- mond, Va.: Harvey Hudson, Lee Arbuckle» Randy Scott, Peter Ber- ry, Dick Reus, Mike MUler, Har- old Hines in the all-night slot and Bob Mc Lain in the weekend stint. KRLA in Los Angeles is go- ing after album cuts in a big way, billing itself as leaning heavily on albums. Radio-TV programming Raoio-Tv ma RT leeklnf potl Uona m* well . With this preponderance of strong product and via Quality's sales programs and merchandising techniques, the company has managed to dominate record sales in this country for the past few years. Mis- souri 64109, or 809 Caroline St., Fred* ericksburg.

The new label will be called Avco Hmhassy Rec- irds a ml will be headeii b\ Hugo Pcrelli and l-iiigi ("rea- lore. The Detroit introduction fol- lows the recent several-month lest in the Seattle market, where the Americom Corp. Theordore Levinc, head officer of Branch 29 of the Chemical Bank of New York, to serve as head financial adviser lo Raflis Records" board of directors. Fass will be responsible for directing graphic arts activities for Columbia Record Club. It was greeted with en- thusiasm by the distributors, many of whom have felt that more help was needed from manufacturers in getting the (ape story across to the man in the street. "In the future — be it French or English Canadian markets — we must think in terms of firstly releasing good records, and then Canadian records.

who have been known in the t ratio since Iheir Mcrctirv Records diivs (195.^) as Hugo & a Los An- geles producer of TV programs and commercials. gathered statistics and refined the self- service vending type of distribu- tion to be used. Pocketdisc chief, said that in view of the dramatic success of vending equipment in the Seattle lest, the Detroit market will be serviced entirely in this manner. Max Ellen named vice-president of Spice Productions, New York. Columbia Stereo Tape Club, Columbia Stereo Tape Cartridge Club, and other mail-order services in the division. As outlined during the presen- tation here, it is evident that the ad campaign is pinpointed at specific facets of the total tape market. If the good records happen to be Canadian too, that's good. I think that was proved with the Guess Who single, 'These Eyes.' "You simply need someone to take the time and money to develop talent to world standards. We're very proud of it, and of them." Quality Won Seven Out of 13 Awards Le Difference!

There were a lot of last-minute cancellations (Continued on paj^c 71) LP's Putting PD's in Spin Bv CLAIDE HALL NEW YORK — The pro- gramming of albums is giving Top 40 radio program and mu- sic directors a headache. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii LA DOLCE VITA —TAPE STYLE ROME — The universal lure of a stereo lape CARtridgc sys- leni was untlerscorett in (he fol- lowing classiticd ad which ap- peared in ihc Sunday (4) Daily American: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiii Diiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiii^ VOI NG LADY wanted to share large beautiful garden 'small apart- ment housing: landscape paintings of Spanish scenes: latest slerco- tape cartridge system, music. ""*""' Jutt moll raquaat order today " 569 BILLBOARD, 2160 Palterton Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214 Pleoie enter my lubicriplion to BILLBOARD for □ 1 YEAR □ 3 YEARS □ New □ Renew Q Poymentt enclosed Q 2 EXTRA itiuet for coih Q Bill me later Above lub Kriplion rotei for Continental U. He formerly teamed with Lamont Dozier and Brian Holland as song- writers in Detroit. They were strongly supported by arranger-conductor Wilson Brown, although opening nighi found them relying too heavily on audience participation for song requests which led to an over emphasis on solo bits. Execs, Philips Talks CHICAGO — Five Mercury Record Corp. Newhurgcr exer- cised option 10 buy 6.457 shares, giving him I0.%3 he U person- ally. 1 he Hip sitic is a Bradley speech, with background music bv Barnum. The single is receiving air- ' play, either as a paid political announcement or as a single r&b release, said Barnum. Saw you in a fairy tale or was it just a dream white and yellow jasmine trees, time a mere machine flashes of a New Year light up a stellar sky love is really everywhere^to see it is to fly Things ain't like they used to be if you want to you can see words of love on chestnut trees written by sweet memories While we are riding on the avenues of time the bird of life drinks from the cups of wine waits until we're ready for the Prince's gift of love Secret mirror photographs shining in your eyes I'm married to the universe my brother is the sky stars can see to moke a wish and hearts with wings can fly come with me and see my love so we can never die Wri Uen by: Felix Cavaliere ^ubluhed hy: Slactar «sc*p Copyright © 1M9 COMI BILLBOARD ™ ™ wm m Mm mm In the May 31st Issue, BILLBOARD launches the first Industry-wide promotion to malie Summer a Tape Thing for everyone — manufacturers, dealers, consumers! program to de- velop industry in the black community of south central Los Angeles. "That's why the industry has not been able to turn the really big French-Canadian successes into English Canadian hits. The check was the result of a combined effort of Quality, Taylor, Pearson and Carson, through their V. aff Utale, Atlantic/ Atco, with Radio CKLG in Vancouver. "My entire relationship with them (CSC) and all future con- tracts are subject to negotiation, period." said Cosby. is subject to negotiation." Creatronics Making Sound Equipment for Audio Mart LOS ANGELEv S— Creatron- ics, an arm ol newly formed To- gether Records, is developing electronic sound equipment for the professional audio market. Larry Delaney has left 'Capilol Rec- Jf^Dif^^K Los Angeles where he was press informa- 'i"""^" tion manager. The line includes seven cas- sette units, ranging from a .95 (model 220) unit to a 9.95 (2I6S) model; five reel-to-reel players, ranging from .95 to 9, and five 8-track units, ranging from a portable (CP8) at .95 to a 9 (802R) player. "Each company we deal with will be responsible for marketing our productions throughout the world with the exception of Canada, where we will market the product ourselves. "I will not continue to record for Tetra- ^rammaton. The sound company, which is building a three-studio. A com- plete home unit (SAT 101 OX) lists at 9.95. "Arc's immediate increased income potential re- sulting from these deals will be substantial. and world-wide recognition of Canadian produced acts results higher record sales in Canada for the acts involved, therefore Arc's domestic profits will rise dramatically with minimal allocation of budget for promoton and advertising in Canada. Trade Traffic All pictures are presented by third parties. 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