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"He feels he has to stay in Music City to stay relevant and on top of his game.

The discussion over living in Australia versus living in Nashville has become a contentious battle."The couple already seem to be liquidating assets to make a divorce easier.

But he relapsed shortly after their 2006 wedding and checked into Betty Ford. "It was very, very hard to have to have her go through that," Keith later said.

Nicole publicly stood by his side (and even hopped on a flight from Europe to be with him when she heard the news), but it was a struggle.

Our expert family solicitors can review your case and provide a written report with legal advice on a fair settlement, based on your individual circumstances.

Divorce often means bringing your personal life out into the open, especially when you’re a global movie star.

But the breakup of Johnny Depp’s marriage, in many ways, is no different from the divorces of other Americans.

The Lion actress resisted and only relented when Keith threatened to leave for good. But in Vermont, the pair were side by side as they hashed out their problems."They addressed a range of issues, including emotional intimacy, and focused on the root of their problems as they learned to break down walls and start working on their issues rather than plastering over the cracks," the insider explained. "Keith said he couldn't continue to live in a marriage where he felt like he was being constantly monitored like one of her children," the source shared."And Nicole ended up breaking down and spilled her heart out about how past relationships had damaged her, and she vowed to make a conscious effort to change things." The nearly weeklong retreat was intense.They recently listed one of their homes — and there will be plenty more to fight over in the event of an ugly breakup.The pair also own a Beverly Hills home, which they bought for .47 million in 2008, and an apartment in NYC's trendy Chelsea neighborhood and they have spent million on properties in Australia.

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