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Our live chat instant messenger is perfect for the job. Males, females, couples and transgender members are welcome of any sexual orientation.We want to provide you with an environment that is right for you.Next to the real thing, cybersex and phonesex don't even compare. Phone is fun, because you can really get into the person's voice, and they can get into yours. When I cyber, I get really into it, too: I'll pleasure myself during it the same way I would if I were reading a good sex-story. Occasionally someone e-mails me and says, "This is what I'd do to you...", and describes it, and it's sort of like a one-sided cyber. It's cool, because I can just sit back, relax, read it at my leisure... A few people have written me such e-mails, and I even had a contest once asking people to do just that. Either a.) e-mail me a graphic description of what you'd do to/with me if we met, or b.) dare to Msg me on Yahoo! Okay, I guess that was the point at the time, but now it is a little embarrassing... But on a lonely night, when I'm up late (and especially if I'm drinking! छातीला चोळी नव्हती पण घट्ट भरलेले स्तनगोळे पदराने झाकलेले होते. "साह्येब फार घाई असल तर झुणका भाकर लवकर तयार करते, पन कोंबडी, भाजी, भात समध पाहीजे असल तर बराच येळ खाईल, सांगा तुम्हाला काय पहीजेल हाय? छान कांदा, लसूण व कडीपत्त्याची फोडणी आहाहा भूक वाढली बघा." असे मी म्हणत होतो तेव्हा ती तोंडाला हात लावून म्हणते "अग बया, दिसल, कीती भुकेला झालात ते, बघा तुमच्या त्या अर्ध्या चड्डीतले ते लाल डोक पाहून माझी पण भुक वाढली हाय." माझे लक्ष माझ्या सुंथा केलेल्या लाल मण्या कडे गेले. मी पाठीमागूनच तीच्या पदरात पटकन हात घातले व दोन्ही नीपल चांगले चोळायला सुरु केले. तीने तिचा दुसरा हात माझ्या चड्डीत घातला व लवडा बाहेर ओढला "साह्येब चड्डी काढाना, मला नागडे होऊन झवायला लई आवडते. माझे दोन्ही हात तीने तिच्या स्तनावर धरले व निपल कुस्करायला सांगीतले. तीने पाय सरळ केले मी तीच्या वर तसाच पडून होतो अजून लवडा ताठ होता, मधून मधून धक्के देत होतो. ती एकदम शहारली, माझे डोके तीने घट्ट धरुन माझ्या तोंडावर दोन जोरकस चोदल्यासारखे धक्के दिले.ताठ होऊन बाहेर आलेल्या लवड्यातून लाळ गळायला सुरु झाले होते. "ए माय अग बघ, तुझी पोर न झवताच झडते आहे" असे म्हणत ती खूप थरारली व झडली. मी माझा लवडा तिच्या चुत मध्ये आत बाहेर करत होता ते बघत होतो. तीला ते आवडले "असेच सावकाश चोळा, ए मामामाय, बघ माझा दाणा कसा नाचतोय" असे म्हणत तिने तिच्या चोदण्याचा जोर वाढवला. तीने एकदम चुत मागे ओढली, व जोर लावून घट्ट दाबली तसा पचकन आवाज आला. Me padhai me acchi thi, to ek baar Pooja mere pass ayi or bolne lagi, ki me uske bhai ko pada du.

माझा एक मित्र मिलींद माझ्या शहरात माझ्या जवळच राहण्यास आला होता.

I mean, it's like writing an interactive story involving yourself! want to be on this page, you can do one of two things. I think I come across as really, really slutty in this chat. I really did get naked while we typed back and forth.

This part of the site is for these instances where "You" and "I" got close... It all involves the act of sex, in the cyber-sense. A lot of people commented on my post, but Caliban decided to actually write a short story about it! I was really, really sort of lonely that morning (the chat occurred at around 1am), so I went into a random Yahoo! I received several msg's in the first 10 minutes, but eventually I stopped replying to all of them except this one. This chat has only been edited in one way: I removed the last few characters of my "partner's" Yahoo ID, replacing them with X's (took forever, btw!!! Everything else is 100% as it was the night/morning we had this wonderful cyber-chat! He might have even "earned" the right to a phone-sex conversation, if I ever meet him online again. A General Introduction Fun Q&A Shannon's Flashbacks Top 10 Places to Give BJ's Tribute Page Cyber Sex What is this place?

Either we did an interactive thing through chat, or you just sent me a story about what you'd do to me if we met in real life. :) Anyway, a while back on the forum I described a nasty kind of fantasy I had involving subjugation, being made a "pet", and some other, sicker things. This is a real transcript of a cybersex chat I had on August 5, 2003. It took about two hours in "real-time" to complete, but it was *very* satisfying in the end... And you see, THIS is why i love cybering: it's can be an interactive sex-story!

I think you'll find that it's really hot, even if you don't know who I am! I act like a total whore, he's a domineering master... I'm really glad I stuck with him, though, whatever the reasons were!

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