Marthas vineyard dating

So, the island of Martha's Vineyard has the enviable reputation as the summer playground of and for the rich and famous, but what of the "common-folk"?

Well, after living here for nearly a decade, I can say that the off-season resembles Main Street, USA the morning after a First Night Celebration: Rather empty, not very glamorous, and slightly jaded.

Based on my learnings at the Grand Canyon, the color variations speak to the age of the stone.

So, with this knowledge in hand, the cliffs are more than a hundred million years old.

I do not care to sound pathetic or negative, but my situation is far from ordinary... Living on an island can present a myriad of circumstances that few "non-islanders" can relate to, the least of which being the dating scene.

Perhaps a bit more background would be appropriate?

Spent the day in Aquinnah at Gay Head Cliffs and Moshup Beach. As a self-proclaimed beach snob, I wasn’t here for the beach but to spend time with friends. Each player pulled a card from the deck and confirmed if they’ve ever done what’s on the card.

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The Gay Head Lighthouse dating back to 1796 is your landmark upon arrival.

Not that would be a bad thing, save the fact that the social scene is rather bleak. Besides the fact that a "day-trip" off-island requires more than a little planning if you care to actually venture beyond Wood's Hole or Falmouth, it can seem tedious just to drive to one town to another on-island.

Not to mention the fact that few social establishments are open in the dead of winter and this island can be less than inviting for the single adult.

On a direct flight from New York, I arrived early evening.

Just in time to hang out for dinner at Nancy’s Restaurant. Luckily, the line wasn’t long when I arrived at the back door of Back Door Donuts.

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