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“The big thing we’re learning is the difference between stated preference and actual behavior, and that’s a big deal,” First Data Analyst Josh Fischer said in an interview with USA Today.

Certains éléments (photographie, profil, style de vie) que vous pouvez fournir pour vous décrire peuvent, sous votre responsabilité exclusive, manifester votre origine ethnique, votre nationalité ou votre religion.

You will find that, in some cases, they are just as surprised as anyone that their relationship has flourished and, in some cases, even feel that their relationship was made stronger because of the distance!

To ensure that you are not missing out on meeting someone special, we encourage you to set your distance preference one level higher than you would normally prefer or consider searching on a state to state basis.

Several factors contribute to and enhance a member’s chance of being successfully matched — one of which is their Match Settings.

Your Match Settings create the matching pool we can use to search for your matches.

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