Mature woman blonde spiky hair

As I used to wear my hair shoulder-length or longer during my high school and college days, I was interested in whether I would like it long again.

After all, most stylists would say that older women needed to cut and of course highlight their air.

My first gray hair came in a more blonder color, which was strange, as I had always had dark brown hair with auburn highlights.

All of the health adventures of the past year, however, turned that hair and more gray."I admire her dedication to staying "young at heart," and adore her platinum blonde hue, which always looks so natural and unassuming.

If you're currently graying, though, then you've arguably never been more on-trend than now.

It's a style that's sweeping the world of Instagram and fashion blogs, and I personally love that something traditionally perceived as a feature that needs to be covered up — a so-called flaw of our older years — is getting the attention and appreciation it deserves.

I have always been enamored with silver, gray, and white hair on older women, and I've vowed to let my hair do its natural thing.

In addition to letting my strands do their silver thing, I've also vowed to keep my hair long in my senior years.

Whether they're rocking their own gray hair or simply refusing to cut it all off, they're all majorly inspiring. Catherine Sepko was one of my English professors (and dean of the humanities department) at my university.

Below are photos of the most popular short haircuts for older women where you’ll find your next inspiration!

If you’re wanting a more youthful look, then considering covering your grays with rich hues of red, brown or gold.

She rocks her gray hair in a cute, stylish bob, and never lets her age hold her back from her favorite pastime: travel. When I asked her about her thoughts on the granny hair trend, she wasn't aware it was a thing. I was watching my children grow up, instead of myself growing older."Vicky Campbell works as an instructor at a university in Kentucky.

"Someone once said to me it takes a lot of confidence to wear my gray hair. She shared with me her seemingly lifelong struggle to achieve the certain ash blonde shade she had always wanted.

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