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As you’d expect from the renowned Saxony brand, Mühle razors are packaged in a box fit for display.In addition, the Kosmo handles come in a variety of woods and resins, with matching stands and brushes.When, in this piece, we talk about how “aggressive” a shave is given, we’re referring to two aspects of the razor.The first is how exposed or hidden the blade is by the guard, and the second is angle the blade cuts at – the more acute the angle, the cleaner you're likely to cut your hair, depending on your bristles.

We were pleasantly surprised how easily we got used to the unorthodox handle and suspect we’ll grow to love it.Our only quibble is that the blade is very well guarded, meaning we needed a second pass in some hard to reach corners or our face – however, this is no bad thing for wary newcomers to a single blade.A lovely display box also means this serves as a brilliant, versatile gift at a very reasonable price.The most popular variety is the double edge (DE) razor, in which a double-edged blade is placed in between a guard plate and a comb plate, which in turn is attached to the handle you grip.The rising popularity for the almost-retro shaving tool can be attributed to the fact that double edge blades are far cheaper than modern disposables and because one blade is gentler on your skin than five.

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