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Not that you need the early bird dinner discounts, but be open to starting your night earlier in the evening. Check before booking a trip to ride the roller coaster, Scrambler, and Tilt-a-Whirl.

People who have MS-related vertigo are already spinning on their own.

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The seat is most likely also the closest to the restroom.When talking about multiple sclerosis, the subject of MS and dating may seem like a trivial one to raise—but that is only so to people who have never been single and managing the disease.Though it is not as major a conversation as, say, treating MS, it's important to acknowledge that multiple sclerosis may give rise to some insecurities, uncertainties or issues when it comes to your dating life—and your comfort and happiness are too important to overlook.This does not mean that you cannot have sexual relationships. Available at: on June 20, 2011 United States Department of Veterans Affairs. You will just have to be honest with you partner and be sure that he or she respects your limitations.

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