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Three – at the end the survivors were walking down the road towards their own lines or back to base. I watched this movie in Japan (in English with Japanese subtitles) with a Japanese friend. I hope some one can give me a clue what the name is of this movie.

Things get a bit steamy between the daughter,mother and guy I think.I do not remember the exact motivation of the chase but I think it is because the children have testemoned a crime. After that a big pool party take place instead the posh one. There, he start doing several gaffes and the last one was start the automation system of the house opening a pool and people falled into the water.After that a big pool party take place instead the posh one. From what I remember, an American girl moves to this house that I believe is her step father's or something.I was so sure it was Crocodile Dundee, but watching the movie years later, that particular scene is not in it. The story is about a princess who only marries if her suitor knows the answer to her riddle. There was a scene which they showed the previous suitors of the princess as statues in the garden.I remember vaguely that there was one suitor, (a prince maybe) who knew the answer and the face of the princess turns pale or something before returning to nomal when he indeed gives the right answer. It might not even be an original English movie maybe dubbed even because the sound wasn't much in sync with the picture.

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