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And he was the most recognized person I've ever walked down the street with, and I've walked around with people like Brooke Shields. Why did you decide to focus on your love life this season?Bravo really focused on that, and I like that it's a runner and I have a date on every show, but it's all under the guise of getting off of the D list.NEWSWEEK's Alexandra Gekas spoke with her about what it's like to be the only D-lister to be invited to the A-list parties, even if no one will talk to her.Excerpts: NEWSWEEK: So what can we look forward to this season in your life as a D-lister? [The first episode is] gonna be a really funny one because I decided that since I married for love and it didn't work out, now I want to go out with guys for publicity.So it's me trying to get my picture taken with celebrity men. I mean she should come on the road with me, she'd be begging for jail.I think it's important that it's me trying to get off the D list because my theory is that celebrity is like high school, but more people feel they are on the D list in life than on the A list, so that's what I want the show to stay true to, because most of us feel we're outsiders looking in. What do you have in common with other female entertainers like Bette, Barbra or Liza that make gay men love you? Barbara Walters said she didn't understand why everyone hates Paris, but she represents everything that America hates. She says she's sweet, but I've heard her use the N word on tape, and that's not sweet. See all of the in these slideshows So are you worried you're going to get too famous and move off the D list, ruining your whole act?Unfortunately I got turned down by everybody I asked. from the Backstreet Boys, and he said no, so first I go on a date with Nick Carter. I went out with Ron Jeremy, and you'd be surprised.Like Bravo decided it would be great to go out with George Clooney, and I was like, let's not waste our time, there's only so many hours in the day and we don't need to be spending it waiting to be rejected. I know I'm the only one who is still in love with him, but I want to say in his defense, that kid has the weight of the world on his shoulders and he is a very sweet kid. When he's not on the air doing those cheesy one-liners and when you can get him to talk, he's very smart.

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New Mexico Representative Monica Youngblood is facing public backlash after being caught in a viral video attempting to talk her way out of a DWI charge.[06/06/07 - PM]Bravo's 'Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List' Season Three Premiere Sets Record Ratings and Series High with More Than One Million Total Viewers Bravo spins the numbers for Tuesday, June 5.BRAVO'S 'KATHY GRIFFIN: MY LIFE ON THE D-LIST' SEASON THREE PREMIERE SETS RECORD RATINGS AND SERIES HIGH WITH MORE THAN ONE MILLION TOTAL VIEWERS Season 3 Premiere Boasts 77 Percent Increase Over Season 2 Premiere NEW YORK - June 6, 2007 - Bravo's "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" season three premiere set record ratings for the series across all key demographics - total viewers and the coveted A18-49 demographic, according to Nielsen Media Research.Meaning: "Defending men"Rank: 1542 in 2016This unisex name, which peaked in popularity during the 1990s can be short for either Alexander or Alexandra.Its origins go all the way back to ancient Greece (Alexander the Great, anyone? But perhaps some parents regret using such a common name.

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