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Kyle Canning's cousin, Dane, made his first appearance in October.Jessica Girdwood, Erin Salisbury and Elaine Lawson arrived in November.Ivan De Marco and Superintendent Duncan Hayes began appearing in June.Ajay Kapoor, Rhys Lawson, Michelle Tran and Noah Parkin arrived in July.Mark later tells Kate that Garland was given an eighteen-month prison sentence. " Executive producer Susan Bower said she was delighted that Harold is sharing his journey with the "beautiful and extremely talented" Duncan.

The police arrive and Mark arrests Garland and takes him to the station.

However, Lucas tells him that he some work to do at the garage and Garland questions whether they are good with each other.

Lucas later calls Garland to Charlie's and just before he can get him to talk, Garland sees Kate Ramsay (Ashleigh Brewer) and tries to flirt with her.

When Garland comes to pick up the car, he discovers Kate hiding in the garage and demands to know what is going on.

Mark tells him that he met Kate at Charlie's and that she came to meet him at the garage early.

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