Observablecollection not updating datagrid

The fractional portion is then used to further offset that pivotal child.

For example, given an Offset value of 6.25, the child at index 6 is the pivotal child and it is offset by 25% of its width (for a horizontally oriented Loop Panel) from the pivotal location.

(This just means a child can be whatever size it desires in the stacking direction, but it is constrained in the nonstacking direction.) To support these layout requirements, it was clear that I would need an property.

which is, incidentally, achieved using a Drop Shadow Effect in the new effects pipeline.) Even in the new pipeline, Drop Shadow Effect is a rather expensive effect because it requires multiple passes.Okay, this post isn’t really about creating a full blown Natural User Interface (NUI)…I just wanted to jump on the NUI bandwagon while it’s still the cool new thing!This zero-sized rect provides a perf optimization (less layout processing and generated render data), especially for elements with elaborate subtrees, which you might have in an Items Control with a complex item template. This meant I would need a property that could be used to identify the index of the pivotal child. The name might not make a lot of sense at first, but it should shortly.What might make even less sense is that the Offset property is of type double.

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