Online dating introduction email example

You’re pretty much guaranteed to get a response if you use them.

The 3 emails below received approximately a 90% response rate from women. A “test” was incorporated in each email, and we kept them short and to the point.

The hardest part of getting laid online is to get her to respond to your email. Anal, 69, oral, doggystyle, you name it I’ll do it. I never thought I’d sign-up for a hookup site because I’ve never had problems meeting women. Something about fooling around with a sloppy drunk just doesn’t do it for me. But let’s be honest here – most of the profiles on this site aren’t legit.

Once you’ve accomplished that, you can focus on working your game. I want a woman that’s sober and has her act together. And there’s no way a woman with your personality and sex appeal is really posting an ad on this site.

The test can be a simple question (see the examples below).

It’s important to personalize the message so she doesn’t feel like you’re sending the same canned email to a bunch of other women. Read through her profile before sending a message so you can personalize it. The others responded with a rude message telling us what losers we are!

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Always follow the directions when applying for a job and also look for an opportunity to include a cover letter when you apply via email or online.To give you an idea of what NOT to send, here are 3 messages we actually sent to women online. Just make sure to change some of the personal information. Read through her profile first and replace the necessary information to match certain things she said in her profile. The bad news is I haven’t met one single woman on this site that was worth my time, and I’m not even all that picky! Respond to this email and I’ll tell you what the good news is. Because I really enjoy playing sport, I like someone who has a bit of get up and go (FYI I play tennis, do yoga, run around the park with my crazy dog, and am an AFL junkie - go the Saints! I'm into people who like getting out there on the weekends in the sunshine.But if you're vain, totally obsessed with your looks etc, you can take your ego elsewhere. I've been single for a little over a year and am really only just starting to get myself out there now. I'm ready to meet lots of people and see where it goes.

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