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About 72,000 people in the Philadelphia region live within a mile of Superfund sites that are either within current flood zones or susceptible to sea level rise.

The EPA, under the Obama administration, studied the risks of Superfund sites subject to climate change using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.Specifically, she said, the nation’s Superfund sites should be ranked according to which pose the most danger if they are flooded, so that it’s clear which to inspect first for contaminant leaks after a storm.EPA plans only for what’s known as a 100-year flood, meaning such an event has a one percent chance of occurring each year.The Martin Aaron Superfund site in South Camden hosted heavy industry back to the 19th century. Soil and groundwater contain a toxic brew including PCBs and pesticides, testing found.Workers recently began removing contaminated soil and water.

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