Online role play chat ideas

Viewers are seemingly eager to get off on that which looks like they could be doing it themselves.Everyday Slaves steers the reality trend in a slightly different direction by following the daily exploits of allegedly authentic doms and subs as they serve, debase, truss, trust and obey each other.An inch fewer than 30 galleries visually document typically standard BDSM practices in high-quality digital pictures.From hogtieing, caging, water torture, enforced head-giving, candle play, foot worship and a few other seemingly non-scripted acts, this section relies heavily on the idea of using the photos to relay the story.The colors have been chosen as they go a little bit more of the color theme of Wolfhome. You'll also notice that the forum banner has been updated!

*Pumpkin Carving Contest with prizes up to 8 deltas *Caption & Screenshot Contest with prizes up to 5 deltas! Along with a few other events such as The catch me outside event, where you take a 'Nature' photo (yes! ) So get out there and hone your photography skills for a chance at winning a prize of up to 10 deltas!! On October 29th Bedagi and Rhea will be hosting a Trick or Treat Event at 7 PM EST. Oh and be on the lookout for Celebria and Fayete, they seem to be doing a lot of TRICK or TREATing around chat!

The photo galleries show off this expertise with interesting scenarios that we’ve mostly seen before, but have Saffy’s signature style twisting them up slightly.

In ‘Saffy and Karla get into a bit of a pickle,’ the ladies are enjoying a pleasant afternoon of muff-diving when a balaclava-clad intruder suddenly appears, ties them up and forces them to resume their girl/girl games for his amusement.

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The Event Committee is currently hosting weekly events where you can win deltas.

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