Pale of fish dating site

It is also possible that he works in a warehouse or similar place and uses a forklift at work.We also believe he reads this article and monitors the information we post!The criminal always wants payment through untraceable methods, like getting the numbers from a Greendot money card that the victim is asked to load money onto.Instead, a victim who wonders if this is real should tell the "father" that he will ONLY wire money directly to a bank in whatever town the "father" wants to go to and receive it.In addition to POF, this scam has targeted men on Craigslist, Meet Me, OKCupid, Seeking, Adult Friend Finder and other apps.We hear from so many men targeted by this scam that we cannot keep this article updated fast enough with all the information we receive.One fact has remained consistent since we started following this scam in 2016.

In the months of November and December, 2017 this criminal tricked 13% of his victims into sending him money.We're also fairly confident that one of these 76 men was one of the scammers himself, pretending to be a victim.He peppered us with questions about the scam, probing for information.However, the man in South Carolina is responsible for most of these scams.He is African-American, likely between the ages of 25 - 35 years old and has, on rare occasions, had a woman help him.

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