Pb loss in u pb dating

Table 2 includes original Pb/U isotope ratios from the published literature along with the slope years (i.e. The first example comes from Qinghu granite in the Nanling Range, South China [44] .

Consider a geological body (containing samples 4, 5 and 6) with continuous where k and b are the slope and intercept of the line, respectively.

The Concordia (blue, colour for online version) and classical Discordia (black) for Zimbabwe samples (black diamond points) (Ahrens, 1955) are illustrated.

This Discordia and Concordia intercept at A and B, for which the meanings in conventional theories are shown in the lower-right corner.

The slope and slope year were calculated using Equations (24) and (10), respectively, and found to be k.

Present slope years (with 1σ error) for (a) Qinghu granite, (b) a Zimbabwe uranium deposit, (c) Yingxian amphibolites and (d) Hebi amphibolites.

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