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The enemy of Black people is habitually reduced to “the man.”However, there would be no racist white man, without a racist white woman.From Jim Crow legislation, to Black castration, editor and journalist, Chloe Angyal, correctly acknowledged that blubbering white women have prompted untold incidents of white terror. White women are equally proficient as weeping victims of alleged “negro” mischief or aggressive, violent ambassadors of white power.It was his daughter’s white mother and white grandmother, who ultimately lost their parental rights while a South Carolina judge condemned their campaign of treachery and racism to steal a Black child.This is not our conventional notion of white supremacy.Emanuel was deliberately excluded from his child’s birth, falsely branded a shiftless sperm-donor disinterested in and ill-equipped for fatherhood, and nearly stripped of his paternal rights.This Black dad’s nemesis wasn’t his state’s recently banished Confederate flag.

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Black women, being the subject of the master’s rape fetish, will equate intimacy with a white man to the master’s subjugation. They are not attracted to them emotionally or spiritually. White females routinely malign entertainment mogul Shonda Rhimes and FLOTUS Michelle Obama as “angry Black women.” So imagine what white female teachers think of Black girls?If white women are underrepresented in the field of law enforcement, they compensate with overrepresentation in the early stages of the school-to-prison pipeline.Guilford and other three black men were tossed to the ground and shackled by Mc Kinney’s finest.No arrests were made, no weapons were found, but officers justified their detainment because a white “woman called claiming one of the [Black] men was going to shoot her and police.”As for rallying white goons eager to pounce on and terminate Black lives, unquestionably, #White Girls Do It Better.

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