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Today we can take 100 photos every day, so there is no excuse for having old shots in your account.

I believe that any picture that is more than 12 months old should be deleted from your gallery.

We will retain purchase data for a period of six (6) months before removing this data to ensure all refunds, rebills and transactions are handled appropriately.

We have opted out all European users from our current e-mail & push notification programs.

No new European profiles can be registered on the service as of May 21st, 2018.

All active Mate1 subscriptions purchased/rebilled from European customers in the 30 days prior to the regulation taking effect are in the process of being reimbursed to the payment method used at purchase.

I thought, “They said it either because they were polite, or they wanted to get into your pants”, but decided not to voice my opinions.

She insisted that the guys coming to dates said she was pretty, and some people thought she looked like she was 25 (she was 40, and looked like she was 39).You may think you are still looking the same as 5 years ago (or even better), but you are not.Having old photos in your profile is misleading, and does you a disservice.If you haven’t changed (or changed for the better), what’s the problem to make new pictures?Get some new fashionable clothes, and display to the world the amazing young-looking you.

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