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Keeping track of periods can also help your child and your child's doctor identify any possible menstrual disorders or other health problems.

Schedule a medical checkup if your child: The changes associated with puberty can be a little scary.

Menstruation typically begins at about age 12, but periods are possible as early as age 8.

That's why it's important to discuss this topic early. If your child asks questions about menstruation, answer them openly and honestly.

But if you set up enough regular opportunities to be together, and you mostly listen and love (rather than lecturing or quizzing) it will happen.

Be aware that as we feel less powerful as parents we often compensate by becoming overprotective.

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But car rides run a close second, probably because kids feel less threatened when you aren't looking directly at them.

The only way to make it through the tween years with a firm foundation for the teen years to come is to fiercely maintain a strong bond with your child, even while you encourage age-appropriate freedom.

In fact, much like the toddler years, parents play a major role in whether the tween years are turbulent or terrific.

Reassure your child that it's normal to feel apprehensive about menstruating, but it's nothing to be too worried about — and you're there to answer any questions.

Discipline, school, homework, time with family -- everything is renegotiated.

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