Problems dynamically updating xul hierarchical trees

Open up your app in the debugger and play around, especially where there is slowness. Relative Source in Data Templates may also result in bindings that break initially, but then later resolve properly.

Blend-style behaviors also have their own set of lifetime problems.Although this is arguably good programming practice, it also tends to be insanely slow.If your windows/controls or your List Box Item/List View Items in a List Box/List View are coming up more slowly than you would like, it’s probably a combination of too much Resource Dictionary construction and/or Dynamic Resources. NET 4.0.) Collapse Resource Dictionaries as much as you can, and try to ensure that the contents of these dictionaries is only loaded once.And always set specific widths on columns in a grid (be it a List View Grid View or any third-party control), because these tend to be very expensive, especially with larger data sets.Grouping in WPF doesn’t perform terribly well, especially with List Views and Grid Views.

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